My Week in Pictures 11.1.21

I had no idea that some types of Camilla bloom in the winter! We were wondering why this one plant in particular didn’t bloom while the others did this spring and summer. Such a pleasant surprise…

Clipped for the office — also the lighting in this space is always magnificent.

Living in ballet flats and cropped jeans. Favorite combo lately, Chanel and old Frame jeans.

Matt took this family selfie on the fly last weekend and it makes my heart melt! Grace is a very big fan of seeing herself on selfie cam…

Exciting things happening in the garden that I will be sure to share more this week as a project wraps up! The mulch is now bye bye (bless) and we have pathway material coming in. Also shopping for hedges to border our grass and a few plants to go in. Apparently it’s a great time of year to plant trees and shrubs as the ground is still warm and they can handle the freeze here in California. It’s less shocking than planting in the spring and then having the heat of summer. I also planted about 80 bulbs in the backyard that I am so looking forward to seeing come to life (if all goes well haha!).

Soup season. So nice to cook up on Sunday or Monday and have in the fridge all week to enjoy as you please! I have a few recipes we love on my site if you search soup.

My little Graciebear.

So nice I bought it twice. Shared more here!

Grateful for Diablo Foods and their flower selection. It’s not quite like living 2 block walk to favorite flower shops in the city, but it’s pretty solid most of the time!

Hope you have a lovely week ahead! x


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