5 Things Getting Me Through Winter

January has been a perfect time for me to focus on my goal this year of slowing down, treating myself, and taking things one step at a time. It’s always a slower month (work-wise), so I’ve been allowing myself to slowly ease back into the weekly hustle and it’s felt really good. I’ve been running more, reading our book club read, fueling up on inspiration and planning future content, and finally got around to picking up my camera this week.

Although winter can start to feel uninspiring and dull, there are a few things I’ve been doing that help me to look forward and reenergize my creativity and daily routine.

Spring Style Inspiration

As I mentioned here, I’ve run into a bit of a rut with my closet, so I am going back to the basics! I’ve been focusing on my favorite everyday pieces that are perfect for layering and making a list of what’s missing. I’m excited to narrow down a few seasonal splurges to add to the list (have been eying pretty floral dresses I can layer leading up to warmer months), a few trend pieces, and planning on sharing more spring styling looks soon!

Make Plans with Friends

Sometimes winter can really drive you into hibernation. I make so many dinner date plans when it’s beautiful and sunny, but once the temps drop I tend to want to cozy up on my couch. I’ve made an effort recently to meet up with good friends and our dinner catch ups, game nights, and Bachelor Mondays have been giving me life.

Do Things That Are Good For The Soul

What makes you the happiest? Feel the most alive/creative/excited… do that. I hadn’t felt passionate about photos in a few weeks, and after an incredibly fun day shooting with Lucy, I am feeling back on and ready to go. It’s the best feeling when you take time to do something you love and a rush of energy takes over.

Book Club Book

I hope you guys are liking The Untethered Soul! I am loving it. I will never tire of a book about mindfulness, it really puts things into perspective and has been giving me the clear mind I’ve needed for a while now.

Try Something New

Matt and I spent this past week trying new recipes and planning new things for date nights. Step outside your routine and add some newness, it does wonders for the soul.

Hat | Janessa Leoné (more options)
Sweater | & Other Stories
Tee | The Great (LOVE their basics)
Denim | J Brand (more options)
Mules | St. Agni
Bag | Céline
Necklace | Missoma London

Photos captured by Lucy

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  1. love this. such a good little reminder. i agree with making plans with friends especially! i’m filling up my social calendar week by week and it feels good!

  2. Loving your look! Also love the tips because winter often seems to drag on for so long and getting out of the house is not easy when I can just be warm and cozy at home. I did add in my goals for 2018 to read more books and I find that it is so much easier to do in the winter, so there’s a win for winter!

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