West Elm Hostess Gift Guide Holiday 2017 Ashley Kane
For The Ones Who Love To Host

This gift guide is one of my favorites to curate. I personally love entertaining, and I know most of the women in my life do too! Sharing my favorite wine in fun glassware. Lighting the most warming candles. Making my company feel as cozy and at-home as possible. My girlfriends and I always have catch ups at our apartments vs. going out– which is much more fun, if you ask me. Especially when you have pretty supplies to entertain with.

I love West Elm for homeware gifts. It’s always been my go-to, so I’m excited to highlight a couple of things on my gift-list this year. From beautifully crafted wine glasses (and bang for your buck) to thoughtful trinket boxes, these are a few things that I think a host enthusiast would treasure…

Pretty wine glasses are such a thoughtful, practical, and kind gift. It’s always nice to refresh your glassware. There are so many unique shapes out there, these are a current favorite! A flirty “hip” makes these glasses so charming. They also have a stem option as well and are on sale. We also got these…too good.

(Side note: I have to add that I am so impressed with the quality of shipments from West Elm. They are so durably packed so nothing arrives damaged or broken. Always tough with wine glasses, but I ordered 3 different sets and all were good!)

For someone who loves to style and keep their bar cart stocked, this barware collection is such an awesome gift. It’s sleek, adds a nice element to the mix, and serves its purpose in style come cocktail night…

It makes me so happy when people come over and immediately get cozy. That’s always the goal whenever I host. I like to keep a basket of blankets folded and ready or draped over the couch. You can never have enough! This faux fur blanket is insanely soft and reasonably priced for the quality and how beautiful it is. I have been wrapping myself in it since it arrived in the mail a few weeks back. It’s heavenly.

The absolute easiest gift ever is hands down, a candle. I probably buy 30 candles every holiday season. Granted, 15 are for me 😉 (but seriously) and then a few for people like colleagues, bosses, neighbors– and then a handful as side gifts for everyone else. This candle smells SO GOOD ( rich, woodsy notes). And, it’s an added bonus when it comes in a beautiful gold vessel! For $32, that is an amazing gift.

Lastly, something sweet and simple like this trinket box is such a unique and thoughtful present. I have mine styled on our coffee table and it holds my matchbook collection. You can use these for remotes (they come in various sizes), seasonal candy, jewelry, wine charms, you name it. I love this one because it’s more unexpected, yet can be used and reinvented over the years!


A big thank you to West Elm for collaborating on this post!


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  1. I agree with you! Candles are my favorite gift to give AND receive. Can never have too many!

    xo, Nicole @ simply-nicole.com

    1. Right? And I always buy myself the same few or similar scents, so it’s nice to learn about new candle/brands scents that are gifted!

  2. I’m getting those gorgeous glasses and tempted about that blanket. I am completely a candle horder, such a great gift to give and receive!

    1. Aw yay! So I added that note in there for you about shipping. 🙂 I ordered 3 different glassware collections and the way they wrap it is so safe and durable. They pack the wine box within a box that’s padded and have wine glass outlines on the exterior so people know it’s fragile. Love them and think you will, too! That blanket is seriously amazing! We got the leopard Ivory one… softest blanket we own now and it’s been living on our couch since it arrived. It’s the best.

      Hope you’re having a great week, Faith! xo

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