A Quick Trip to Los Angeles

On Friday morning, we embarked on our festive road trip to LA, a fun pitstop on our way to Arizona for turkey week! We stayed in Brentwood at our good friend’s new place and spent most the weekend catching up over wine and delicious meals and soaking up that sweet 75º LA winter weather. Palihouse was on my radar since they opened years ago and so Mardi, their restaurant at the West Hollywood location, was high on my list for brunch.

That was our plan for Saturday morning. Upon arrival, you’re swept away by discerning interiors. Lush velvets, decadent hues, and bold pops of black contrast throughout. The walls of the hotel surround Mardi, letting lots of natural light in. Greenery climbs up every wall and the playful, colorful decor make the setting one of the most charming spots for brunch I’ve seen.

I knew I loved it here before even grazing the menu. And let me tell you, the food was AMAZING. Palihouse, can you please open up some doors in San Francisco? This is a spot I would frequent. Next time you’re in LA or if you’re lucky to call it home, go eat at Mardi! I got the Pimm’s cup and the eggs benedict which were both 100%.

On Saturday night we met up with more friends of ours and had dinner at Petit Taqueria in West Hollywood, a newer spot that was also quite noteworthy! I just LOVE the attention to detail in LA. We have some great spots in SF, but the interiors and ambiance in LA are just so spot on and unique. The plush velvet booths, chandeliers, vintage artwork, and candles lit throughout were so warm and inviting. I got the colada (yum) and the Carne Asada tacos (highly recommend).

It was a short, but very sweet trip. We need to make our way down there more, it’s always so much fun.

We just made it to Arizona last night, so spending a little time with family today, but more holiday guides and fun to come on the blog later this week. Have a wonderful Monday!

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