Fusalp ski jacket 〰️ I bought one of these beauties (in cobalt blue) a few years ago and it is just the most stunning ski jacket ever. The cut is beyond flattering, it’s so warm, and the details are unmatched compared to other styles I have. I know you don’t need a ton to rotate, but I think I would rather have the black so might sell the other if I decide to make the jump here. It’s so gorgeous! One other I have and love though if you want some color and patterns is this one by Perfect Moment (another ski favorite!).

Celine ski goggles 〰️ some may say these are extra, but you know how I feel about a cute stud detail (and Celine)! Also, something you keep forever, so… in my cart tbbh.

Cordova ribbed leggings 〰️ on my list! I need a thicker pair of layered leggings, I always just wear lulus which aren’t warm…

Erin Snow overalls 〰️ these remind me of my youth! (I grew up in Colorado from 1-5 grade and learned to ski in Breckenridge!) I just ordered these because they cute.

Ugg sheepskin bluetooth earmuffs 〰️ a lot of good key words in there.

Erin Snow fleece jacket 〰️ I have heard great things about this brand and love the idea of a fun piece like this to layer under my ski jacket. For lodge life.

Inuikii shearling boots 〰️ I just feel like my feet belong in these.


I have a whole ski shop here that I will continue to add to as I discover new gems!


featured image is of Brigitte Bardot by Alpha Press