Thoughts on Social Media: “The Performance”

I was listening to the Jon Favreau “Offline” podcast last month (good one by the way!) and in his first episode, they make a comment about how social media apps went from an inspiring place to share and discover, and now it is like “a performance”. In ways I completely agree with this sentiment. It does feel that way a lot (one of the reasons why I don’t really follow many people other than my family and close friends), but I also felt defensive while digesting the thought as well. I think for some of us, creating and sharing means so much more.

Some of my first memories I can vividly remember in life… were the start of my creative journey which have truly shaped who I am. Rearranging my room, helping friends style their rooms, and being the go-to for shopping advice. Clipping imagery and words that struck me from magazines and making vision boards. Snapping photos/developing and scanning to my dad’s computer to post on my AOL homepage (my first “blog”). With time and the evolution of the internet, I have held my passion points and curiosities close to me.

I was creating things on the internet when there was no audience, no benefit other than my own personal enjoyment. It has been my outlet and guide to my truest self since the beginning. That’s why I continue to do what I do. I love to create, to write, to take a lovely picture, and to chronicle it all on my blog. And what is incredible to me, is that this longtime love of mine is something that has led me to cultivating a community of such wonderful humans who come here for inspiration and enjoyment as well! And because of this, my creative output has become even more meaningful.

Social media is a necessary for me as it’s my job now… but if it ever felt like a chore, or like a performance, I couldn’t do it. Plus what is the fun in that? Personally, I think these days it’s quite clear when things come genuinely from the heart and when they don’t. I think this conversation sheds some light on my love/hate relationship with social media. It has pros aplenty, but then there are the inauthentic and redundant aspects of it that are draining and make me feel like our generation has lost the plot at times.

It’s why I have these self check-ins often! I have learned that doing things in my own way, at my own pace have helped me grow as a person and creative. I won’t ever do something just to do it. I  haven’t spoken at the camera since IG stories launched because that’s not me and I simply don’t want to. I won’t follow trends, guidelines, rules because frankly there really are none in this space! You must follow your gut and stay true to yourself and your “why”… and that’s it.

A little rant just to say that I share pieces of my life, photos I like, and thoughts I want to write down—not for show, but for me. It is my favorite outlet and perpetual passion project. I have been doing these things for almost 20 years—it is who I am and what I love! And in return, I hope brings some light to your life, too. x

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