Halfway to Meeting Our Little Girl

This morning, I wrote down some thoughts on how I’m feeling right now and decided to share them with you.

We are halfway to meeting our little girl! I get weepy just thinking about the moment she’s in my arms. Pregnancy has been a wild ride—there have been lows for sure… but then there are these incredible moments—like hearing her heartbeat and feeling her kick for the first time… those tiny glimpses of life make every unpleasant moment melt away. I understand now why women look back at pregnancy lovingly!

I was telling Matt, I’ve had fears cross my path from the start, but it’s been nice to have this time to reflect and work through them. With time, I have mentally ironed out worries and have replaced them with gratitude, trust in my body, and excitement for what’s to come. I feel very at ease right now and just soaking up this special time. The distraction of nesting has been so nice, too! January has been flying by… when does that ever happen? Getting our house in shape and starting to work on her nursery—knowing that we are creating this happy home to welcome her in to feels so rewarding.

Earlier on in my experience, my focus was zoomed in on how I was feeling (while in survival mode) and what I needed to be doing to take care of my body and growing baby. Now that I’m into the swing of things and feeling like myself, that has shifted to imagining her in our lives and how excited I am to be a mom. I know it’s going to be really hard, but I am ready to give it all I’ve got.

I’ve always wondered what the word love becomes when you have a baby… my heart is exploding and I haven’t even met her yet. I will report back on this!

Can’t wait until June! xx

Wearing: Rixo London Dress

Quick note on this dress! I have been such a fan of Rixo for several years now and have slowly collected pieces from them and I just have to say… they have become my absolute favorite dresses. Vintage inspired prints with the most beautiful, feminine cuts and always so flattering.

This one takes the cake I think. The cheerful pattern and color story makes me happy! Net-A-Porter always has the best Rixo selection. I am usually a size XS in their styles but sometimes will go for a small depending on the cut. I went with a small for this one and it fits me perfectly (and the bump, too… for now). x


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  1. You are going to be such a great mom. I’m so deeply happy for you.

    I try to describe the love to friends that haven’t had a child yet,, and it’s impossible. But I always say, “It’s more love than you can ever imagine.” And when my husband and I describe it to each other, we say that it’s like all of a sudden you have this little person that you would die for IMMEDIATELY, no question, and happily. And you are both so happy that the other one feels the same because you would never want them to save you over your child even though you loved each other the most before this little thing arrived. It’s just damn wonderful. Better than anything you can imagine. And. It just keeps getting better. It really does. Enjoy. xo

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