Decking the Halls ’20

I LOVE the smell of a fresh Christmas tree, it makes me so happy! We will always opt for real because of this…

I also am a big sucker for garland and wreaths, they are without a doubt my favorite festive accessory! Alone for a minimal look or wrapped in twinkle lights—they add such whimsy to your home over the holidays. I plan to add wreaths to our interior windows, on our front door, and garland hung throughout. For these, I have done real in the past but this year I am trying faux because that olive leaf garland was calling my name and I want it to last for the remainder of 2020!

In terms of other decor, I keep it pretty simple and will swap in richer tone textiles—throw pillows and lush blankets for our sofa. Up my ante with taper and pillar candles peppered throughout our space and of course, a couple of go-to holiday scented candles as well (linked below).

When it comes to dressing the tree, I like to stick to a neutral palette and white lights. I just got this amazing rattan tree collar (I had to toss our skirt last year and decided to go for something a little cleaner!) and it’s so cute! I am definitely not waiting until December to start decking our halls…

Some inspiration for us!

Festive Ideas

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I’ll continue to save things as I see them on my holiday decor shop, too! x

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  1. FYI, the garland you linked isn’t faux! Don’t want you to be surprised if you order it 🙂

    1. LOL. Good looking out! Thank you, friend. Well, looks like I will be snagging a faux, too, once that one lives its full life. 🙂

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