Editor’s Note, 12.20

“The season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”

—Hamilton Wright Mabie

Although it may look a little different than years before, I think the festive merriment will be *so* good for the soul! Let’s close out 2020 on a warm, positive note. I love this quote above so had to share it with you. I was thinking about how hard this year has been for our world… but no matter what, we can choose love and light. That’s my plan this month and leading into 2021.

My goodness, I was looking back on my last note (in October) and so much has happened/changed since then. That feels like ages ago, it’s actually insane! Last month I skipped this catch up—I was feeling a bit stressed and just needed to pause for a moment to breathe. But I am feeling SO much better now and am full to the brim with excitement and inspiration. We’ve been ready for a big lifestyle change and moving has been such a blessing. I can’t even tell you how wonderful it has felt to wake up here every morning. I have loved sharing behind the scenes and look forward to much more ahead while we slowly update and renovate. I still can’t believe we bought a house… so much fun!

December Agenda

As I’m sure you could guess, we don’t have a whole lot going on this season as we normally do. Staying put for the holidays and celebrating just the three of us! I want to do everything I can to inject small plans and rituals that make the remainder of 2020 feel extra special. Enjoying our twinkle lit space and crackling wood burning in our fireplace, indulging in holiday movies, baking, fueling up on inspiration for the year ahead… and just simply relaxing and slowing down a bit. I was also so good about girlfriend house party/zoom dates early on in the pandemic, and really need to bring those back. I miss my weekly girlfriend hangs SO MUCH!

Inspired by

Nesting, exploring our new hometown, designing a few rooms in our house and dreaming up bigger renovation projects. I have been having a complete and total heyday with all of this… you have no idea. But you will(!) because it’s ALL I am thinking about these days so therefore you shall hear about it, haha. Hope you’re ready for loads of home content.

I am also super inspired to reconnect with myself and find peace of mind. Like I mentioned, October and November were a bit stressful and I wasn’t feeling like me. Now that things eased up, I am spending a lot of time on myself and getting back into a healthy routine both mentally and physically. I started on a 40 day meditation challenge (my goal is to just keep it up but 40 days felt like a good timeframe for a habit to stick!) and am moving my body every day. I am reading each morning in bed before anything else. I also started to journal—something I picked up from The Clarity Cleanse. Definitely have been in need of a reset.

A few favorites lately

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Sending all my love! x

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