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Officially hoarding Louise Roe things.

Between the delicious green hue and the charming shape, this vase might be my favorite from her, it is just an absolute stunner. I think I may eventually need it in the larger size, too. Such a beauty! You are probably well aware of my LR collection as her pieces are woven throughout my social media feeds over the past couple of years, but I realized I haven’t shared all the details on my site! Now felt like the right time since I have 8 pieces, all of which are incredibly loved and treasured. Her jewel vase sparked the obsession that is now full-blown and a big part of my home style. Having a collection of unique and special vases takes my fondness for flowers to the next level…

I originally discovered Louise via Instagram many years ago and ordered my first 2 jewel vases from her directly, but then discovered that Anyon Atelier (a favorite local design shop) carried her pieces, so have since collected everything else form them. They are the best… if you haven’t visited their shop in person or on the web, I highly recommend it!


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