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Good morning! I hope you are doing well. I woke up feeling a little sad from all that has happened this week on top of everything else going on in our world… but saw that this Farfetch interview went up that I was apart of it and lifted my spirits a bit. I’ve loved getting the chance to work with their team over the years, this one was very much so up my street. I hope you have a good weekend, friends! Big hugs xx

Tell us a little about where you live. Describe your home interior style…

My husband and I live in the charming neighborhood of Cow Hollow in San Francisco. We lucked out with our Victorian-style apartment, which is full of charm and character. Our kitchen and bathrooms are also updated which is a rarity in the city.

I am hugely influenced by European design, so living in an old unit with creaky hardwood floors, high ceilings, and crown molding makes me really happy. I would describe my interior style as charming, comfortable, and collected. I have looked at our small one-bedroom space as an opportunity to carefully consider every single piece we collect so that each item is unique and special and we’ll be so excited to bring everything to our future home.

Where do you look to for design inspiration?

I look to design books (I collect them) and The World of Interiors magazine. I also love getting lost on Pinterest. Inspiration is truly everywhere — watching a film I will be instantly captivated by a stunning room in the backdrop.

Nothing inspires me more than experiencing a new place with fresh eyes. I have heart palpitations over beautifully designed boutique hotels and restaurants, too. I think a lot of my personal aesthetic roots from an admiration for spaces that are thoughtful down to every detail.

How does the Fferrone Design vase complement your home design?

For the past few years, I have been collecting from Fferrone’s Dearborne collection — they are like little works of art. They were even the focal point on our wedding rehearsal tabletops when we got married last summer!

I collect vases and have a penchant for all things scalloped and ribbed, so I treasure their charming designs.

I love an effortless, freshly picked, garden-to-vase vibe. Flowers bring me so much joy on their own, but having a few stems sit pretty in this vase is next level. I love the way the light bounces off of it. Set your arrangement in the sun for maximum effect!

Can you share any home styling and decorating tips?

I think the most important thing is that you surround yourself with what makes you happy. Style and collect things slowly and well — I would rather have one beautiful thing in a room than filling the space just for the sake of it. Make every detail count.

Thank you to the Farfetch team for including me in this! I rounded up some of my favorite homewares from their site below! x

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