Notes on Staying Motivated & Inspired

 So, I totally spaced on my one-year self-employed anniversary on February 5th. I cannot believe it’s been a year, but just realizing that is a bit fitting, as it sums up the past few weeks– complete whirlwind! Between Scout getting neutered (which has me house ridden as of lately watching over him so he heals properly), new projects coming in, and the crazy weather taking over San Francisco, I feel like I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster. I had one sunny afternoon last week and it made me feel back to life again and so happy… but then it went back to monsoon status. I really do think the weather itself is taking a big toll on me–cabin fever is real. So let’s all think sunshiny thoughts because it’s no fun to not feel like a hot mess. Ya know?

Instead of reflecting on the past year right now (which I do want to touch upon eventually, but I will save that for another day), I thought I’d share my ongoing and always-growing “inspiration guide”. A list of thing that I keep in my notepad that undoubtedly always makes me feel better/gets my creative wheels turning. Do you have a list like this?

It’s important to uncover the things that light a fire in your soul– so take note and add onto your own inspirational list so you can always revisit it when you need to. A few things that always give me a fresh perspective….

Explore. Even if it’s just a cute neighborhood close by. There’s nothing quite like seeing something for the first time, so notice the details, grab a coffee and wander. If you really want to do this big, book a trip to the beach. Quiet time by the ocean with a good book will do it. If I could be so lucky to just always pick up my hat and go whenever I needed a refresh, I would. But have no fear, there are other ways to pick things back up…

Man Repeller Podcasts. And, really, anything Leandra Medine related. I adore her and I swear, every time I’ve ever heard her speak in an interview or podcast, I am so inspired. Her eloquence, drive, and point of view are all majorly inspiring and I couldn’t love how much she embraces herself and her wonderful quirks more.

The Power of Now. If you’re needing a life-changing outlook on living in the now and letting go of the past, this is a must. This book literally, changed my life. In 2012 I was living in Australia after parting ways with an awful relationship. I was living with an Irish couple and they had a few books sitting on their bookcase in our living room. I wanted something to skim through while laying by the pool, and I ended up finishing it in a day (have read it twice since). It completely changed my way of thinking, removed the weight from my shoulders with my ex, and I felt like myself again. Side note: this was also amazing because it was early into my 6 months living there, so I could actually breathe and just enjoy it to the fullest. Thank you, Eckhard Tolle!

Book a lunch date with someone who shares the same interests. I find that when I’m needing my mind back, some creative camaraderie helps so much. Heading to lunch with other blogger or photographer friends is not only great to catch up, but also amazing to bounce new ideas off of each other. When you work for yourself, sometimes you really lack that sense of team and being able to brainstorm, etc. So every once in a while this is good for the soul.

What do you look to when you really want to feel that amazing can’t-stop-won’t-stop inspiration? I hope you’re having a wonderful week, talk soon!


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