Weekend Moments 2.13.17

Sunday reminded me how wonderful it is to catch up on some Vitamin D, work out, get a couple of errands done, and then spend the rest of the evening reading and relaxing. It was therapeutic, and I feel so so good today. I was a little bummed to see that the rain is coming back with a vengeance this week…for what it looks like the rest of Feb, but that little dose gave me the burst of energy I needed.

It was also a great way of making up for our Friday– we dropped Scout off at the vet to get neutered. Ugh, that was a tough morning! He absolutely hates it there… the last couple of visits were traumatizing for him, so I started my weekend off sobbing in my car after pulling away as they began the procedure. He was literally holding on to my leg with his paw for dear life in the waiting room… heartwrench. He’s now used to the cone and uses it to push things out of the way (haha), so at least things are looking up for him! Just a few more days being a conehead and that little pup is going to be the happiest!

In other news. Last week our new living room rug from Armadillo&Co. arrived and I am completely obsessed. I also eventually HAVE to find a place for this one… it is too good. I am obsessed with this company (discovered them on Instagram)… everything is handmade by artisans whose intricate weaving traditions are passed down through generations. More than ten pairs of hands are involved in each creation, and with every purchase– the company is able to enhance the lives of their weavers and their communities. I couldn’t say enough great things about them, so be on the lookout this week for a whole post on our living room update and the rug that is tying it all together.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and are ready for a productive week ahead. Come back and visit soon! x

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