Thoughts on Finding “Awe”

“That feeling of being overwhelmed by beauty or magnificence is so precious and rare and yet these rare encounters are the moments where we are convinced that we are actually living”.

Thinking about when I’ve felt the rush of being in awe, it’s been on trips to new places, seeing (and falling more in love with) a band I adore in concert or taking a leap of faith that’s both exciting/terrifying. All of which, don’t happen as often as I’d like. Have you seen this YouTube video? You need to! I love a good life/outlook philosophy and this “perceptional apparatus” is so interesting and life/perspective-changing. This quote below really hit home.

“Once we create a comfort zone we rarely step outside of it which causes overstimulation to the same kinds of things which render stimuli invisible. Your brain has already mapped it in your head and you no longer have to be engaged by it”.

If you are caught up in routine, you need to find a way out and experience new things. It’s so important to fill your life with depth, take chances, and explore the unknown. I’m going to try and accomplish feeling all the { awe } that I can this year. What are your thoughts after watching? If you have any favorite inspiring, thought-provoking videos or books like this you love, please send them my way!

Check out the video and the entire “Awe” channel for more thoughtful and chillingly beautiful ideas.


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