January has never been a top contender when playing favorites. I usually put a lot of pressure on myself for the year’s start to fall seamlessly into place. For projects to immediately flow through the door, to feel refreshed and reinvented, and to become a content making-machine. Which is not the case!

I am still playing a little catch up from the break, but due to this horrendous weather (so over the storm!), I spent all day yesterday getting my shit together, and I’m finally feeling caught up with life. Hallelujah! I’m one of those people who are more productive when organized so am excited to focus and bring on some fresh content to the blog.

My January mood board is in true Ashley fashion– pushing spring so I can have my sandals and straw back!

I’m currently inspired by:

• Refreshing our home (it is looking so fresh and cohesive, which is making me so happy)
• Scouting out transitional accessories to slowly welcome (slightly?) warmer weather
• Vintage rugs, per usual. I am looking for something for under my desk and in our bathroom
• Minimal dressing. Levis, light sweaters, and a hat to top it off
• Citrus season! Crafting cocktails for the next few weeks of winter hibernation
• Beauty regimens. I am on a beauty kick lately (more to come soon), so testing out products/having spa nights at home

Now, I have a question for you! I would LOVE to know what you want to see in 2017. It can be a specific post you have in mind, a series you would like to see more of, anything at all! Tell me in the comments below. Happy ? everyone! x

thoughts, ideas, questions...

Love the moodboard – so ready for spring. Winter is the WORST, especially where I am 🙂 I’d love to see more outfit and entertaining posts. Your style is much like mine, so I always love seeing what you’re wearing. Also LOVE when you post recipes or cocktails, so definitely keep those coming! SF is also my dream’d be cool to learn more about the city you live in on here. I know you have your travel guide, but doing more posts on local shops, restaurants, or events would be fun to learn about!

Spring, you’re v needed, hurry hurry!

And thank you for the feedback! I have plans to share “best of” per my favorite neighborhoods, so that will be coming soon. Hope you have a great day, friend! xx

SO excited for 2017, I am making a big move next month and am counting down the days because nothing hits the refresh button on life like a new location! I am with Natalie (below) love your style posts because our styles align and it gives me fresh ideas but really your photography in general is what I find the most inspirational! XX

Me too, I just have a feeling it’s going to be the best year yet!

Where are you moving? How exciting… fresh starts a beyond inspiring. 🙂 And thank you so much for the feedback!

Such a cool inspiration collage, I’m diggin it!


Love the mood boards, style posts, weekend notes, beauty, and favorites posts-keep em coming! I also appreciate the general life updates and how real you are about it. There’s a certain solidarity that’s created when you express challenges you’re faced with and how you handle them. I wanted to comment on how great your writing is–it’s so down to earth and relatable; don’t change that!

Would love to see more on your photography skills as well as where you draw inspiration from. I think a post on your style icons would be a great read.


Thanks so much, Ty! You’re so kind! I appreciate your feedback so much– such great ideas. xx

yesss feeling all of this 😉

Where is a good place to find vintage Levi’s??

Hi Courtney!

I look on RE/DONE, vintage/consignment shops in SF, and also ETSY!

Jeans, cocktails and home refreshening are all on my January list as well!