June Mood

June; the instigator to my sandal addiction and itch to change life around. The gloom certainly made its presence loud and clear this week, but I’m looking forward to the month ahead with or without the clouds. Maybe it’s because summer makes me feel breezy (Monica would understand me)? I’m just happy that aforementioned sandals can still be worn all day every day. In the spirit of the kickoff to summer this month, I wanted to share what’s currently inspiring me, our summer plans coming up, and of course, a brand new playlist (also located on my sidebar or you can look me up: brunchonchestnut).


Earrings by Bianca Mavrick (more objects of affection here)

• More rest. I’ve been pinning a lot of beautiful beds lately… I think it may have been the long weekend, but I’m feeling especially tired this week. I don’t make it a tick past 9:45 these days…am I getting old!? Summer catnaps are in the cards.

• I swore off statement necklaces and earrings a couple of years ago, but I’m going back on my word. Well, maybe I will just revise my stance– I will only hang little pieces of art that are unique and special from my ears. Nothing too girly, but a nice little conversation piece that brings an understated look to life. Metals in fun shapes, etc.

• Currently researching how practical/impractical it may be to have a kumquat plant in our dining room. Since a Lemon tree seems to be out of the question… it’s the next best thing! It adds so much character to a corner, plus I told you… I can’t say no to plants right now. Thoughts?

• I recently went through my closet and purged a bunch to make space, but I’m thinking I need to sift through once more. I have been gravitating towards minimalism more than ever, and want to make sure that I genuinely love everything hanging in my closet. But why is it always so much easier said than done? Added a ton of ideas to my wish list.

Summer Plans

• The most exciting thing to note is our trip to Tulum in September. I am so excited! So, I actually went for a week five years ago for my uncle’s wedding. At the time I had never heard of it; it wasn’t peppered into my Instagram or Pinterest feed so I had no idea or expectations at all. Back then it was my uncle and his wife’s “secret getaway”, so I’m guessing that has changed too. I stayed at BE Tulum tucked into the cove with other beautiful hotels along the water and I just remember it is SO quiet. My girlfriend and I were the youngest in the wedding group (who took over our resort), so we’d head out on our bikes to find lively fun bars and instead would find settings all to ourselves. Hartwood was very memorable and I can’t wait to go back, and also check out a few newer spots as well! I’m looking forward to seeing how much it has changed. It was one of my favorite places I’ve ever been, the design and attention to detail everywhere blew me away. Plus, I get to go with Matt which will be so much fun!

• Matt’s birthday (July 2) and Scout’s 1st birthday (4th of July, he’s an All-American pup) are right around the corner so we’ve started to make plans. Thinking maybe Tahoe again or a trip to Napa for the weekend at a nice Airbnb.

• Operation: get our interior design together. Like I said before, this place is a mess right now, so I’m taking the next few weeks to get everything sorted so I can share some updates with you soon!

As of now, this is all we got. I can’t wait to plan another fun Europe trip, etc. but while Scout is still so young it’s a little tougher to plan. Maybe next year!

What do you have going on this summer? x



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  1. June is the busiest month I have had in what feels like years. wedding showers, going away parties, weddings, more weddings! I am also needing to move but the fact that I don’t have a free weekend until the end of the month doesn’t seem like its a good time….eye roll!

    1. I love wedding events! It’s really the only occasion I get to dress up. How fun! We went through a couple of years when we first started dating where all of his friends got married back to back, it was so many. We’re on a nice little break now– those people are having babies, and my girlfriends are starting to get to the engagement part. So excited for the next wind. 🙂

      And the big move! Good luck lady– envious of your upcoming blank canvas! x

    1. Ah, I can’t get enough right now! Smart girl. I love getting crafty with framing things. I always rip pages out of coffee table books. 🙂

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