Thoughts on Simplicity

When life starts to take a toll on me, I do whatever I can to lighten the load and remember what’s really important. I try and give myself *a deep clean* for my mental and physical sake when necessary. For me, that means doing everything I can to clear my mind. Stepping away from my laptop, tidying up my apartment, dedicating more hours in the week to “me time”, and hanging out with those who know/love me best. Sometimes you just need to unburden yourself so you can sleep easy. After sharing this post last week, a handful of emails came in with questions about getting yourself out of ruts, so I thought I’d share my go-to’s for those who need a life pick-me-up.

Take Care of Yourself

Treat yourself how you treat people you really like. Sometimes when I notice I’m off track it partially boils down to letting myself get there by the critic inside my head or being lazy. Again, do things that make you happy and really try to clear out any negative thoughts. Taking care of your well being should be your first priority when feeling off. When I launched this blog in 2012, I used to talk a lot about positive mindsets and mental wellness and I pretty much preached about how The Power of Now changed my life and how everyone should read it. A positive-only mindset really works wonders for the soul. It’s such a simple and extremely effective way of thinking.


My UPS guy who is the most positive human ever (seriously always chipper and smiling, even after carrying a 50lb. box up three flights of stairs…) said something recently to me that stuck. After the sad incident downtown at the UPS HQ a couple of months back, I asked him how he was doing and amidst our conversation, he told me how he firmly believes in keeping things as simple as possible. Life can be complicated, but taking a minimal approach leads to less stress, negativity, etc. weighing on you. You have control (for the most part) of what you let on your plate. It’s funny how one comment from someone can completely shift your thinking, isn’t it?

Last month, I spent more time reading, going on a few runs a week, planned healthy dinners, caught up with friends on the phone, read through my favorite magazines or coffee table books– simple uplifting pleasures. We all go through these ruts or however you’d like to slice it. The nice thing to know, is you always seem to find your way out!

So, here’s to simplifying, taking care of ourselves, and remembering the power of being positive…

“Our life is frittered away by detail…simplify, simplify.” Henry David Thoreau

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