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I’m excited to share a little wedding update. In case you’re playing catch up, I made a Wedding tab on my menu– all the other posts are here. If you subscribe to my newsletter you already know this, but we finally found a venue/made it official last week! Hallelujah. We looked at all different types of venues. Private estates, resorts, restaurants– all with the hope of one idea in mind. To find a space that feels like an intimate and beautiful backyard. Elevated but effortless, relaxed, lots of greenery, charming, and cozy. 

My initial thought process was that private estate was the way to go. Super unique, so much room to make it our own and seemed like the only option that would truly align with our vision. I love the idea of candelabras and loose blooms sweeping the tables. Twinkle lights strung above. Our favorite songs of all time playing in the background. Barefeet with wine glass in hand. I just want it to be the most epic al fresco gathering with all of our favorite people.

{ a handful more of my Instagram saves }

We were heading up to Napa one weekend to see a bunch of options and were staying at Meadowood, one of our favorite hotels in wine country. Matt wanted to check out the wedding sites, so we made an appointment. To be honest, I didn’t think it was going to be the one. Don’t get me wrong–Meadowood is one of the most idyllic, serene, and green-covered (big wedding criteria) properties we’ve ever stayed. It’s one of the most lovely resorts we have ever experienced. We just had seen a couple of resorts before this and I wasn’t sure I wanted that resort-y (even if just a little) vibe.

We arrived at Meadowood on a Friday afternoon and walked over to see the venue with a glass of champagne in hand. Five minutes into our walkthrough and tears were free falling behind my sunglasses. It isn’t resort-y feeling at all… in fact, it felt so unique, quiet, and private. A calm and happy energy took over while imagining the day when taking everything in. It is actually significantly better than what we envisioned for our day. When you know, you know… I can’t wait to get married there!

We decided on June 2019, on a Friday evening. We initially looked at Saturday options but liked the idea of having the wedding on Friday night and having the rest of the weekend to relax and spend time with everyone in wine country. A couple of our wine clubs are close by, so could do a tasting with a big group, and just enjoy the whole weekend together.

Beyond its beauty, one other major Meadowood appeal– it’s turnkey. Yes, please. After several months of venue hunting and seeing how much work goes into wedding planning, I am thrilled and relieved that our day will be taken care of, and in such good hands.  Turns out, I am not the best planner… so turnkey is my jam! We basically just need to handle paper goods, a photographer (already found her!), videographer, music, and flowers.

We have our venue set. Now what?

We’re currently working on hotel blocks (another fun task haha). I just started putting together our website (using Squarespace). Having a heyday with this… if you know me by now, you know I love some website designing and tweaking! I started a couple of registries, which is the most fun thing ever. So far I have us at MARCH (favorite interior shop in SF) and Williams-Sonoma.

We are picking out our Jo Malone scent(s) soon. At first, I thought we would do a couple of my always favorites, but we decided to pick different scents so they feel more special for the occasion. Also, since we are going in the garden wedding direction, I’d love to do garden fruits! Will be making our way over to the JML shop soon to make our decision. So excited to have their beautiful candles atop our dinner tables, throughout the space, and soaps and lotions in the washrooms.

I am just now starting to think a bit more about dresses, and am planning to go look in early November. I fell in love with the dress in the collage above (bottom right photo), but of course, it ends up being a designer who is a bit out of my budget (like $3-4k over, tear). Where in SF is a must to make an appointment? Places with styles like the above. 🙂

Lastly. If anyone has an amazing recommendation for band or DJ’s in the area, let me know! We are still debating, but leaning more towards a band. I think that’s it for now!

Until next time xx

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    1. Aw, thank you! I am so excited! Definitely above and beyond what I imagined for the day, so that’s a really good feeling going into planning!

      I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for saying hi 🙂 xx

  1. Love this update! Can’t wait to hear more about the process…because we’ll I feel like we’re in it together hahaha

    1. Thank you, Maura! And I love that, haha! It’s can definitely feel like endless logistic planning, but will be so worth it. I’m just so happy there’s such a thing as turnkey. SO INTO IT. 🙂

  2. Love reading about your planning process! Meadowood is so incredible.

    Highly recommend checking out Jin Wang for gowns. They’re seriously amaaaazing.

    1. Hi Tara! Aw, thank you lady. I appreciate it. 🙂

      I think I may have gone there years ago for a friends wedding actually. I can’t wait to start looking… thanks again for the tip!

  3. Gorgeous post! I can see it all coming together already. Very excited for you!!

    1. Thanks lady! I went to Jin Wang for my friend’s fitting–amazing choice. Love Mustache Harbor, have seen them a few times! I decided to go with DJ for budget purposes, but also because I’m sorry, no one can sing Tay Swift, like Tay Swift!

  4. Do you mind sharing the other venues in Napa that you looked at?!

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