Weekend Moments 10.8.18

Hello hello! It’s been a long time since Weekend Moments popped up on my blog. In case you’re new around here, it’s an old series I used to share most Monday mornings–highlighting all the noteworthy weekend happenings. It was a fun and light way to stay in touch and keep you looped in on little things if you wanted to follow along. I thought about it a bit and I think I must have thrown the towel in on these catch-up posts due to the embedded thought process (a la social pressures) of only sharing super valuable content. I talked about this a little bit recently (also LOVED Brittany’s post on the topic), and think it may be something many on-demand creators are feeling.

Social media is always changing and the “right way” to navigate is to evolve with it. I believed this for a while, but now I wholeheartedly disagree. For a while now, the “way to succeed” is to be as real, relatable, and raw as you can. Open up to your readers about everything, share your struggles and think pieces within captions and posts, etc.

I ran into some mental dilemma’s with this because BoC was born from the desire to bring light into my life. Collect things that inspire me, share my discoveries, and to hopefully inspire you. I’ve always been an introvert and really don’t like having the spotlight on me. I’m not comfortable talking to my camera screen all day so I don’t. I don’t share the difficult things I go through on here, because I prefer to confide in family. Plus, there’s enough going on in people’s lives and in the world. I don’t try and portray my life to be perfect, but I do like to keep things light and share the good in the world. My blog is a happy escape.

Weekend Moments is back because the little things matter to me. I stopped questioning my creative process and content. And as soon as I did, I noticed that so many more people than usual began to open up to me. A nice reminder to just do you. I’m grateful for these turn of events, and it wouldn’t have felt so full circle without your support.

So, that said–I’m excited to revive this series! So, let’s dive into the weekend…

RAYE sandals (old)
Réalisation Par skirt (back in stock)
The Frankie Shop Jacket (leopard is removable, so took it off… because, overkill)

So, I’m sure you noticed, but we spent half the weekend up in wine country! Friday night we drove up to Windsor to meet our friends for the night. We grabbed dinner and headed back to a condo we rented. We sipped some wine with Friends reruns and called it an early night since the guys were waking up at 6 for a marathon. Wine country was already showing signs of fall–the most beautiful lush trees covered in orange and red leaves. The weather was stunning, sunny and 75º… it was like fleeting summer and fall briefly crossing paths.

If there’s an amazing time to visit wine country, it’s now. Harvest season is in full swing… and the vibes are like no other!

On Saturday, my girlfriend and I drove over to Lynmar Estate–such a beautiful and charming winery. I loved their wines (chards and pinots) and their food was fantastic, too. It was such a relaxing afternoon, definitely add this to your list if you’re in the area. After wine tasting, we went over to The Barlow, which was so cool. I had never even heard of it! It’s basically a big industrial looking shopping area with tons of shops, food, drinks, etc. I didn’t realize the new Elsie Green was there, so that was very exciting to finally see in person! Kelsey, a friend from high school, works there introduced me to their beautiful shop a couple of years ago. They have the most amazing collection of French antiques and home decor. I ended up bringing home 4 crystal glasses and a darling coffee mug.

We met the guys after (66-mile bike race! Insane.) and got a bite to eat and then made our way back to the city. It was Fleet Week this weekend, and as usual (fortuitously) was one of the most beautiful few days I’ve seen this year so far! Super warm (70-80º) and clear blue skies. Matt and I even sat on our roof yesterday with Scout to watch the final Blue Angels show and there was no wind, just a light warm breeze. Which… is pretty rare, especially on a rooftop! We planned a few meals for the week, which I will share as we make them (from the new Chrissy Teigan cookbook). Started a new show called New Amsterdam that was really good! Have you seen it? And did all the Sunday things, like laundry etc, to prep for the week ahead. Feeling super refreshed and ready to go today!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend yourself! x

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  1. I’m glad that this series is back and that you’re just going to blog/share what feels right to you. That’s the way to do it 🙂

    And I just started the first episode of New Amsterdam and I like it so far too!

    Hope you have a great week.

    1. Aw… hi Faith! Thanks lady. 🙂

      And yes, the show is really good. We ended up watching both that are available right now. Definitely captivating so far! xx

  2. Love that your blog is a “happy escape!” Always so refreshing!

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