Lavender Honey Latte

How wonderful it is to pop out of bed and craft a cup of coffee for yourself. This past year I started making lattes at home, and after lots of trial and error, it’s now something I love most about my morning routine. I shared this hazelnut latte recipe I always make now, so this is me taking a stab at a new fall-inspired morning sip in collaboration with ILLY. I’ve always loved their signature blend coffee and attention to detail with everything they touch. The quality is in every bean, every aesthetically pleasing espresso machine they create, every cup collection produced by artists from around the world, and every illy coffee bar.

Their newer location downtown (220 Montgomery St) is warm and inviting with the scent of espresso and pastries galore lingering in the air. A friend and I made our way over a few weeks back to do some espresso and latte tasting to collect inspiration for an autumn-esk creation. Low and behold, my lavender honey latte! Sweet to the smell, and comforting to the sip. It makes me want to be layered in sweaters in Provence, in a lavender field watching the sunrise. It’s one way to completely spoil your taste buds and treat yourself for getting out of bed.

The flagship is particularly special to Illy, as it’s the home to their very first retail shop. You’re able to see their coffee machines and cup collections in person. I ended up ordering this one and love how sleek it is on our counter. Plus, it has a built-in steamer which is super handy if you’re a latte lover like me.

2 shots (capsules) of Illy iperEspresso (Medium Roast)
1 cup of steamed almond milk
1/2 pump of lavender syrup
1/2 pump of honey and vanilla syrup
& garnish with a few lavender petals for good measure

If you’re near an illy Coffee Bar soon, be sure to get yourself one of their mini eclairs, too. Out of this world!

Have a wonderful Monday! x


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