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Looking back at my hair circa 2009, it had seen (much) better days. I spent all of my teens bleaching it, and it was horribly damaged. I’m sure I was also using drugstore cleaners, and not nurturing it as I should have. So many flyaways, brittle, dry. Sad to think about, but I used to tuck the end of my hair into sweaters, whenever I could. I hated it! I switched hairdressers when moving to San Francisco, cooled off on the highlights, and since have made a point to bring my hair back to life. I started to take it even more seriously about two years ago once I noticed progress. I stopped using my blow dryer, was more thoughtful with products, and kept a closer eye on how it was doing. Here are a few things in my current hair routine that have helped get my hair to a much happier, healthier place.

Up Your Hair Cleanser Game

Since I color my hair, I look out for sulfate-free shampoos, which are more gentle and won’t strip away the coloring as quickly as the alternative. This has helped with fewer hair appointments! I think it’s also good to ask your hairdresser what he/she suggests for you. They probably know your hair best/is the expert after all, so that has helped me find some amazing products, too. A few of my favorites below.



Use Heat Protectors

I always lather the ends of my hair with either a leave-in smoothing cream if I air dry or a heat protector cream before blow drying. After my hair is dry, I will add a little more oil to the very ends. I usually put a few loose curls in my hair (with very my curling iron, on low heat), and I end up with healthy-looking locks. A few favorites below.



Dyson Hair Dryer

About two years ago, I decided to ditch my hair dryer. It was old, and my hair always looked and felt so damaged after using it. It just wasn’t a good look. I went cold turkey on a hair dryer for two years but was recently introduced to the Dyson hair dryer. I got so used to not using one, but this thing is an absolute game changer. My hairdresser uses it on me (she finally convinced me to not leave with wet hair) and I couldn’t believe the quality. It’s extremely (extremely) powerful, lightweight, and keeps my hair looking healthy and shiny. The air temperature is monitored 20 times a second and regulated by a microprocessor which helps prevent heat damage and protect natural shine.

I used to hate the way my hair looked after a blow dry, but the Dyson gives it an air-dry look (with more volume), which is the goal! It’s brilliant…highly recommend it.

Monthly trims

Lastly, I always trim my ends every couple of weeks. Just barely! I do this myself (most people think I am crazy when I tell them this). Be careful if you try this at home! My hair is long enough to where I can make sure the back is even. I think this does help a lot, and my hair is growing faster than it has in a very long time.

Gone are the days of hair tucks!

Are there any products you swear by? Would love to know!

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  1. I need to invest in my hair more…maybe two years ago someone giving a blow out in Nashville got me addicted to hair masks. Since I only wash my hair once every 7-10 days these masks are the bomb.

  2. I have not tried the Dyson drier (sounds incredible!) but I will say that a high quality blow dryer makes such a difference! I finally tossed my Conair one last year and have been amazed how different my hair looks and feels when using a better blow dryer!

    And I totally think that air drying helps SO much! Around the same time I ditched the Conair I also started air drying and washing my hair less. Ideally I would like to go three days without washing but usually it’s every two and I only blow dry once every other week or so.

    Curious, how often do you wash your hair and do you have any tricks for getting it to last a little longer?

    xo Mary-Katherine

    1. I have to wash my hair every other day. I wish I could hold out an extra day, but it gets a little greasy which I can’t stand/cannot make it look good no matter how hard I try (unless I call it a hat day!). I try and make sure to not use super hot water on my hair and also I read somewhere it’s better to only lather shampoo to your roots, and then rinse and it will get the ends when you wash it out.

      Brushing is one other thing that I’ve read recently that helps to smooth the oil from the roots to the end of your hair, Marsha Brady style :), but I always forget to brush my hair! I only really brush it when I hop out of the shower.

  3. Do you have any salons in SF that you recommend for color? I’m looking for a new hair dresser at the moment and your color is gorgeous!

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