Life Starts All Over Again When it Gets Crisp in the Fall

Oh, hello!

So happy to be spending some time on my blog after a couple of weeks away. And I had no idea that my first day back was also the official start to fall, perfect timing! Although, it’s seriously gorgeous in San Francisco… oh, the yearly debacle of wanting to join in on the autumn conversation, yet we are in full-fledged Indian summer. It’s definitely a few notches down from the 90º days in Rome, though. Still so excited to start planning seasonal content!

Our trip was a dream but it’s really good to be home. I hadn’t been on that long of a vacation in ages and forgot about how it feels to reach the end of the trip completely satisfied with the time spent disconnected, yet so ready and excited to get back home and into your routine. I mainly just missed writing here, my bed, and of course, Scout. Excited to share more of our trip this week (lots of photos to edit), but wanted to pop in to say hi!

This time of year is my absolute favorite. I definitely love when Spring rolls around each year and saves us from cabin fever and SADS… I swear I get it every year in March, haha. But there’s no other time of year that warms my heart and soul more… it’s the season of love. The plush knits, indulgent recipes, reunions with friends and family, warm and cozy vibes, and just pure magic in the air makes me so happy. It really does feel like a new beginning, and it’s why I’ve always been fond of that F. Scott Fitzgerald quote (from the Great Gatsby!).

I put together a little list of things I’m excited about with fall’s arrival…

when the trees begin to reveal new color
when the air is crisp on the morning coffee walks
fall florals
jewel-toned nails
wine country trips (when the leaves start to change here it’s stunning)
thick knit sweaters and decadent layers
hearty recipes
fireside hangs (Tahoe trips, can’t wait)
speaking of which, ski days!
buttery soft leather bags
board games and vino
cozy couch nights
fall entertaining
reunions with loved ones
Thanksgiving… because, it’s the best holiday.
fall candles
when the city starts to look festive
holiday traditions
a fresh start

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