Reformation Dresses: Talking About Sizing and Fit with Farfetch

My friends at Farfetch recently started a new (brilliant) size guide series and they asked me to be a part of the newest article highlighting Reformation dresses. A question I’m asked about quite regularly! I’m such a big fan of the brand and have been for years, so was excited to share my thoughts and experience with size and fit. A great excuse to put my learnings into a post that will hopefully help with future purchases!

When was your first Reformation purchase?

The first time I bought a Reformation dress was about six years ago. It was when the high neck, thin-strapped, super low back dresses of theirs were a cult favorite. I had to have one for myself and wore it to so many weddings back in the day!

What’s your take on Reformation sizing?

I have learned over the years that it’s a case by case basis. It’s about your body type. For me, it’s all about the bust. I have a smaller frame and wear a 32C bra, so I always base my size decisions of the model’s measurements and the cut of the dress and details. I usually size up to make sure that the bust area isn’t too tight or too low cut. Again, it’s why smock is my best friend with their clothing, I know it’ll work with the extra stretch! If you have a small bust, your true size is the way to go.

I also think it’s about preference… for me, I always buy a size up in Reformation wrap dresses (a little extra fabric never hurts) and in t-shirts (I like less crop with crop tees and more roomy options on basic cotton tees). If a dress is really short, I always will size up just to give myself that slight extra fabric.

What advice would you give someone who is looking to buy their first reformation dress?

Always check the model’s measurement (have a measuring tape on hand just in case) and be sure to think through the fabric, stretch, length, and cut before making the purchase.

Do you find reformation dresses wash well/keep their shape over time?

The quality has proven to be high for me–– they definitely stand the test of time. I have worn Reformations to weddings, to my wedding rehearsal dinner, and now some of them are coming with me on my honeymoon next week. They are special pieces for sure!

This dress is the Cerise dress and has become a top favorite. I’m a sucker for smock! I find it to be so flattering, especially when it hits below the bust and accentuates your waist. It’s so light-weight linen and the stretchy smock makes it super easy to wear and comfortable. I love a puffy sleeve just as much and thought that combination made for such a charming mini dress to keep in my closet forever. It gets so many compliments! It’s a must.

You can read the whole article here. Thanks for having me, Farfetch! x


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