Things of Note | March ’18

Hello, friends! It’s been a little quieter lately, so thank you for understanding and being patient. It’s been a very long and busy month over here. Since we’re close to parting ways with March, it’s time to take a look back and highlight a few noteworthy things I’ve loved lately…

On life | So first of all, it’s moving week! We started packing and begin moving on Friday morning. We will have everything in our new place and ready to unpack on Saturday. Anyone else love that part? I go crazy for nesting and decorating a new space… especially if you’ve cleaned and organized everything you’re unloading so things can easily find a new home (my life last week). I am so so excited to show you guys our new place!! I will do a mini-tour on stories on Friday while it’s empty and try and capture the nesting process as well. I can’t wait to finally settle in and get back into a normal life groove again. More apartment stuff to come soon!

On style | I have been slowly ticking off my spring checklist and sharing a lot more on Instagram (have been loving all the new things popping up here, so much good stuff!), and getting ready for fun style projects to capture these next few weeks. If you have any requests for S/S style post ideas, leave them in the comments below! Next up on my closet rebuild list are breezier white pieces (going to be doing a bridal style post soon since we’re about to actually start with the planning!), swimwear, and a few new sleek sandalsGanni also has such gems for spring right now, so be sure to keep an eye on them. Everything I own from them stay favored in my closet.

On music | l have been adding a ton of new music to my Everyday Tunes on Spotify, so come and follow along! I love all the messages I receive about how some of you are enjoying this playlist and the suggested songs to add, so keep them coming. I think instead of new monthly playlists or themed playlists, I will continue to add here but maybe spotlight a handful of stories each month.

On beauty | I am obsessed with La Mer as you know, but their new cool cream is amazing. They have sample sizes in case you want to test it out first. I brought my mini one with me to AZ and it’s kept my skin hydrated and happy. Putting together a spring beauty post of recent favorites together soon.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! xx

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