Matchbook Tradition

I started a new family tradition that I am SO excited about!

Little back story on how this came to be. In 2016 while café hopping around Paris, we dreamt up a French wine bar of our own, even came up with the name and seasonal concept. I recently ran out of our wedding matchbooks that I designed and went to re-order more but instead decided to give myself a fun little project and create a logo of our Parisian dream, a manifestation, if you will! Also, can we note that the name we decided on in 2014 is a key ingredient in my favorite cocktail that I discovered on our 2019 honeymoon—it’s fate—I digress.

Going back to the beginning of my earliest memories, creativity was something that lit my soul on fire. Rearranging my room, clipping from magazine, snapping photos/scanning/editing… but one thing I haven’t opened up about as much, is how curious I have always been about graphic design. I mean, if you have followed me for a long time you’ve seen countless renditions of my blog, always tinkering with my logo and the design! Great branding pulls at my heart strings… it is something I will endlessly appreciate. When I sit down at a restaurant and a menu is beautifully executed, I take note. I eat that up honestly more than the actual food!

So, after having our fake wine bar matchbooks printed, it got me thinking. I had so much fun creating this logo and making it just right in my eyes! So thought it would be fun to have them made for special occasions throughout our life. Giving me the chance to come up with clever puns, tie in favorite fonts and graphics, beautiful quotes, even my own handwriting, like my logo! I really don’t know how I didn’t think of this sooner…

I used to collet matchbooks from local restaurants, etc. but they aren’t as much a thing these days. So this solves that dilemma, too! So, in typical me fashion, I have already designed and ordered custom matches for my birthday in March, and Grace’s birthday in June. Dreaming up something for Matt and Scout’s too this summer.

In case you’re wondering, I just used the website— Nothing fancy, just googled back in 2019 before our wedding and I like how they turned out. Not sure if there are better options these days, but they work for me at the moment. 🙂 x


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