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Someone said to me this week how the new year really doesn’t start until Feb 1, and I loved this thought process! January, as always, was long but also just a challenging whirlwind that I won’t even get into anymore! I am just happy to change perspective and lean into a fresh new month. This time of year as spring chats begin to unfold (at least in my mind), my soul begins to reawaken! As if part of me has been hibernating for winter and is rested and ready to unleash!

I am always up for change and especially in the form of fine-tuning things when it comes to my work and process. That is something I adore about what I do for a living, there are no rules and I am able to design my way as I go! I realized that whenever the “agenda” portion of these posts came up I would feel a little stuck. Between moving out of the city, getting older, having a child, and still living through a pandemic, my calendar just isn’t what it used to be! And therefor, less exciting to note down on these posts. Plus, I am enjoying more spontaneous plans these days!

So I decided I wanted to change this formatting a bit! So here we go…

February intentions and to do’s

I have been inspired to be more on top of my screen-time and be more intentional with how I utilize social media, in particular. I began to set some boundaries for myself leading up to having Grace that have been super impactful and I am ready to take some additional steps to go a bit further. As I get older and with the direction our world continues to go, I just don’t want to look back and regret the amount of time I had a phone in my hand! I want to get ahead of this now and be a better role model around it when she starts to really understand. I also just don’t ever want to be held back from living my life! It is a slippery slope with my job, but I am heart-set on this and so, learning to re-wire how I operate a bit this month.

I have been sharing episodes I have been loving from The Happy Place podcast—which I couldn’t recommend enough—it has really been such a comfort to listen to lately. Something I was thinking about is that, back in the day when I first got into self-helpery kinds of reading material, I quickly learned that people are usually all about it or they don’t have any interest in it. However, these days, I think it is so important that at some capacity we are learning ways to be more self-aware, to tune into our truest selves and dial into what serves us and what doesn’t. But at the end of the day, if a mindful read isn’t your bag—practicing self love, respect, and compassion is the utmost essential way to help thy self! K anyway.

Other to do’s: garden, garden, garden!!!! Some exciting stuff happening back there this month. To walk a lot, podcast, move my body, and eat nourishing things! I am looking to February as a healthy-full, happy-inducing, grounding few weeks leading up to spring.

Updates for you

Posts are picking back up!! I always say how my blog is my priority and I view it as the nice meal (compared to its fast food version, Instagram) and that is something I am very focused on this year. It feels much more rewarding to me to sit at my keyboard each morning and write. To edit lovely photos I have recently captured, and to collect and document them here in a safe space I can always rely on and look back on. So be sure to check back in often!

We had to change my Freda Salvador code as it leaked onto a promo site — so it’s now 15AshleyK! By the way, you can reference the few select codes I have every so often here! That’s all for now, have the best month ahead! x

Things of note as of late

The start of spring shopping / saves! More to come on this soon…


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