Mindful Monday: how we start our day

“One of the best habits you can build is ― create before you consume. Rather than wake up in the morning and scroll your feeds or check your email or check in with the news… *create a stronger mind through meditation, *create a stronger body by working out, *create a better habit by reading a chapter in your book… “

—Marie Forleo, from this podcast episode

I shared this snippet a couple of years ago here (a post I revisit often!), but felt like it needed to resurface! I, myself, needed this reminder. How we spend our morning sets the tone of the day—and it’s so important to spend a little bit of time on things that fill you up, rather than engaging in reactionary type rituals—like emails. Even if it means waking up 20 minutes earlier for a 15 min pilates flow and stretch, reading a few chapters in your book on the bus rather than scrolling, enjoying a nice coffee in the garden or in bed. It makes such a massive difference, I promise you! Try it this week and maybe mix it up each day. That’s my plan.

I notice that when I utilize my time first thing in the a.m. in ways that inspire me, I feel more grounded as well. Answering emails or DM’s straight away leaves me feeling like I went from opening my eyes to throwing myself on the hamster wheel. Tired and uninspired. We can make the time to treat ourselves to something that uplifts us, so that we can tackle the day with more energy and clarity and get back to the reactionary stuff once we take care of our souls a bit. It’s up to us.


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