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My ‘Things of Note’ series will be coming to the blog weekly going forward. And in addition to the appearance on my blog, you will also be able to find them under “shop” on menu and then “LTK”. There will be additional bonus roundups over there, along with everyday on-the-go looks and new favorite purchases. I’m looking at that space as a library to house noteworthy things and links so that it’s easy for me to reference when I am asked — and hopefully easy for you to track things down as well or to simply get inspired!

Getting back into my flow after the whole family getting sick — it has been quite exhausting! I have that annoying dry throat and lingering cough, but definitely see the end in sight. I have lots of stuff up my sleeve for my blog this week, it will be a good example of what to expect on the reg… so be sure to come back and read. 🙂 x


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