I am so excited to share a new series on my site called Mindful Monday.

I know I have told this story a bunch in the past, but will repeat in case you missed it. In 2012 I was living in Australia after parting ways with an awful relationship. I was rooming with an Irish couple and they had a few books sitting on their bookcase in our living room and I fortuitously grabbed “The Power of Now“. I wanted something to skim through while laying by the pool, but instead I devoured every word and finished it in 24 hours! Which is unheard of for my reading track record. It completely changed my life on the spot and was a true wake up call. Weight melted off of my shoulders and I felt light — and like myself again.

The point of this new series is to shine a spotlight on soul-work and keeping our minds healthy. It’s about inspiring you to live a life that is full of intention and fullness. Since reading that book, I have been on a constant quest to deeper self-discovery and have been so fascinated with mindfulness and learning more about all the aspects of our inner being and workings. How to go with the flow of life, through both the beautiful parts and the hardships—and stay connected to ourselves through it all.

I think it’s SO important for us all to be self-aware and nurture our minds and practice this kind of self exploration and care. Especially living in a very busy, info-overload, distracting world these days! It’s essential to have the tools to remain grounded.

I have always enjoyed sharing these little thought-provoking tidbits on my blog over many years, but this is going to be much more prominent going forward because it’s important to me. Quotes that strike me, perspectives that change me, beautiful words that stay with me… I will be sharing them here with you!

Today, I wanted to share this small bite from Oprah around intuition and paying attention to small signs in daily life that can lead you in the right direction…

“Your life is always speaking to you. If you’ve ever heard that small voice inside saying ‘hmm something feels like a little off here’ or it could be goosebumps, a shiver down your spine, raised hairs on the back of your neck or your arms stand up… whatever form those, what I call whispers, take—it’s not a coincidence. Your life is trying to tell you something. And whether you  listen to that or not, you are always making the choice between staying the course, even though it’s no longer working for you or heeding the call to your destiny.”

—Oprah, from this podcast episode

I also want to share my podcast playlist, with some of my very favorite episodes that have been impactful to my life… I only save the very best! I hope you enjoy… feel free to share any episodes you thought were life-changing as well below! x

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