My Favorite Jewelry Designers to Collect From

Over the years (read: since I was gifted a diamond from thy husband) I have become so much more of a jewelry person. I didn’t have many pieces leading up to our engagement and I think wearing something I cherish everyday changed it all for me. Since, I have taken much more of an interest in beautiful, timeless, everyday jewelry. I like that my collection is very capsule-like and minimal, because I truly love each and every single piece I own. I have a mindset of, if you LOVE each piece of jewelry, they have a way of working just perfectly stacked and layered together! I don’t seek out new addition regularly, instead I wait until something crosses my path and am super thoughtful about what I go for.

It’s been a while since I made note of jewelry favorites so wanted to do so today since I added some fun things this summer. This post is also a highlight of my go-to designers who I will always love and look to collect from. You’ll recognize most from previous mentions, I’m sure!

Louis Abel

So smitten with this lovely label, I just bought these two rings from their Mother Earth collection and I couldn’t love them more. Love me a squiggle.

Jane Pope

You know my love of JPJ! She is the best—her rings have been a catalyst for my love of collecting special everyday things. I have a post if you’re interested to know which pieces I have of hers! Jane’s pieces are so classic but always with such a unique charm…


A longtime fan of Alighieri as you know—always so fun and add such amazing texture and interest to everyday looks. I look to Alighieri for a richer/more decadent statement, although there’s just something about them that make them work as effortless/everyday, too.

The first five pieces featured below I have and love… the others are on my list…


Love checking in on new happenings over on Celine. I have a couple of their pieces from years ago and adore them…

Lucy Folk

I love me some Lucy! Also such a fun and unique designer whose pieces are always so distinct in my eyes.

They all have ancient Rome coolness to them. Also, one thing that I realized is how much more I am mixing metals, which I love! Over the course of my twenties, I was always more a gold girl. In fact, I highly debated a gold engagement ring at one point! I think because most of these designers create the most insane silver/white gold pieces that really speak to me, I’ve converted—and I find they look so lovely alongside my gold.

A few other things I wear most every day…

My “G” necklace layered with my Tiffany & Co. Diamond necklace
Cartier Tank Must watch
Gigi Clozeau white and gold bracelet


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