Collecting Treasures from Jane Pope Jewelry

There are oodles of talented people in this world—and I just love it when someone extraordinarily special crosses my path…

Jane Pope is one of those people! It is so clearly evident in her work and distinct style that creative juices are in her blood. She was born with a discerning eye and raw talent. There is nothing more inspiring to me than someone who is genuinely authentic and so dialed into their craft/what they were born to do! Her jewels can be picked out of a lineup and you can just feel the heart and energy that goes into every creation. To me—that is magic, and from the beginning, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

I first discovered her jewelry collection four or so years ago when I collected a couple of her rings, which I am still wearing daily. I did a little Q&A on jewelry stacking with her if interested in reading! Over the years it has been a joy following her journey… I feel like she constantly one-ups herself with what she brings to life and her unique taste always takes my breath away. Highly recommend following if you are a jewelry lover, so much inspiration coming your way.

Since getting engaged in 2018, my approach to jewelry collecting has become a lot more thought out. The pieces I decide to slowly collect are meaningful and in it for the long haul. I still have a somewhat small collection, but that’s what makes the process so fun! When you finally come across something that your heart is set on that you know you will cherish for life. Wearing it for the first time is such a reward and feels that much more special. And each time you slip it on, it’s an instant mood boost. I’m so excited about my newest rings from Jane Pope that I had to share with you!

So first of all, one of the rings is going to be a little under-wraps until June… but I am so excited to share a closer look of this soon! I got our daughters name engraved on the JP Name Ring and opening it this week brought me to tears. It arrived minutes before I left the house for my 25 week appointment so I wore it and basically stared at it for the entirety of my waiting room experience. So in love! I wanted to share this gem now in case anyone needs a good mother’s day gift idea or if you simply want to treat yourself! It’s so darling, I will wear this for the rest of my life.

The other ring I got is such a stunner—her Six Point Diamond Ring is something that always strikes me each time I see Jane’s ring stacks on Instagram. Similar style to my wedding band, but I just adore the organic and raw vibes from her ring settings. This beauty is to die for… and I of course wore this to my appointment, too, stacked alongside the Name Ring and my longtime favorite Angular Ring. I just couldn’t love it more! Although I have eyed this ring for quite some time and this was unplanned, I love how it has 6 diamonds, as I literally just hit my 6 month mark pregnant and as I count down to my baby’s due date on 6/12. They both mean so much to me already.

These pieces are the perfect birthday present to close the door on quite a long year behind me. The last official indoor dining experience I had before the pandemic was with a handful of my girlfriends celebrating my birthday a year ago from this week. Cannot believe that was a year ago—it feels SO much longer looking back! I have a feeling this next year of my life will be a lot brighter… 🙂

By the way—if you are starting to dream up your engagement ring or are just looking for a special custom piece to add to your collection… her custom creations are always SO GOOD, definitely worth browsing if you need some ideas. xx

Happy almost Friday! There’s a Hugo Spritz mocktail recipe I concocted here in case you need a refreshing sip this weekend! xx


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