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When I was younger, I used to sift through my mom’s Vogue collection and basically took them over at a certain point—that was the beginning of it all! I had never been so inspired by something before—the captivating imagery, beautiful graphics, and stories… the impact this curiosity had on me was the catalyst for the career path I’m on today. I am a lifelong subscriber to my favorites, the ritual of reading through them has become such a big part of who I am. To this day, they are one of my biggest inspirations.

I have subscribed to a few over many years, but since the pandemic, I added a few more to my roster. Needing all the feel-good moments and inspiration I can get! I’m excited to share with you this noteworthy list. I mainly look to design magazines at this point. Sadly to admit, I unsubscribed from Vogue a while ago… they just weren’t doing it for me anymore… so many ads and just wasn’t walking away feeling as inspired as I used to.

These guys, however, make me drop everything upon their arrival to sit down and enjoy a hefty dose of beauty, ideas, and escapism…

Architectural Digest Spain — this is an absolute favorite! I can’t tell you how much I take away after flipping through these. I discover so many cool designers and brands, it’s always such a breath of fresh air.

Architectural Digest US — AD is just the best, so obviously have to subscribe to US as well.

The World of Interiors — one of the best delivery days… this and AD Spain are my top two… will always subscribe to both.

Cabana Magazine — a feast for the eyes! Cabana issues are basically coffee table books… I have been collecting them for a few years now, they are such a treasure.

Harpers Bazaar UK — since Porter is on magazine hiatus, Harpers Bazaar UK has become my one and only fashion favorite.

House & Garden UK — again, UK does it better. Obsessed.

Elle Decor — another design favorite! Classic Elle makes me happy, too.

Veranda — lastly, love Veranda! I just read the latest issue this week, so many beautiful new discoveries!

P.s. Here are the sticky bookmarks I use!

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  1. I am also SO enjoying Veranda these days and happy to see it mentioned here 🙂 House Beautiful used to be one of my absolute favorites and staples. I would inhale it in an afternoon. I still subscribe out of loyalty but the magazine has changed so much and just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I miss the days of Newell Turner! After decades of being a Vogue subscriber I also recently decided to let that one go for the same reasons that you mentioned. Now I think I need to subscribe to your top 3! I was telling my husband that my love for getting magazines in the mail has grown to almost manic proportions during covid. I am just craving the serenity and beauty and inspiration so very much. Also, I miss traveling and a good magazine can be so transportive! Enjoy your reading 🙂

    1. Yes, been very much enjoying Veranda!

      That’s such a good point… I had a few subscriptions before covid, but since signing up to a few more, it has become such a treat as they trickle in! It makes me pause whatever I am doing to enjoy or plan something to look forward to in the next day or two. Magazines are underrated these days!

      Thanks for say hi, friend! Keep me posted if you come across anything else good and let me know how you enjoy some of my recs. Happy LDW! x

  2. Such good recommendations!! Curious about how you organize things that you flag as inspiration and when do you throw your mags away (if ever)? I have issues letting go of magazines haha

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