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Hiiii. I am finally getting to the archive of photos taken over the past two weeks and excited to get back to drafting blog posts. August has been a blast, a few back to back staycations felt so nice. All in which, gave us the opportunity to soak up the summer sun, relax, and indulge. Barbecues whilst sipping from sweaty rosé glasses, pool swims, reading in the sun—so many fun memories made!

We got back on Sunday and I’m not going to lie I am lagging a bit now! And I think I am facing post vacay blues… I know, poor me! But really, though. I definitely felt ready to be home but at the same time, home is so different these days! I feel like March through May felt like a waiting game almost, not fully mentally acclimated to the reality of life as we know it now. This summer is when it really hit me.

Living in a small 1 bedroom is getting to me… I swear the walls are closing in smaller and smaller on the daily. I have mad cabin fever… even after being away a lot this month. It’s very real. I find myself getting frustrated that we’ve officially outgrown this space, too, and the constant clutter makes me cringe. Also, you know when you plant an idea seed and it just grows from there? The whole buying a home conversation has been sharp in my mind.

I feel like an ass complaining as I know I’m lucky to have a roof over my head… but the pandemic is taking a bit of a toll on my day to day life and creativity. As I’m sure you can agree. Self-care week is helping, though! Also the book I’m reading is inspiring me to do a massive de-clutter spree again. Toss and donate things, minimize, keep things clean and airy. I need that right now for some mental clarity.

Anyway! Looking back on these photos make me happy! Grateful for sweet staycations more than ever. Some photos from two of the last few lovely getaways…

Wearing: & Other Stories Swimsuit and Frame Shorts
Ciao Lucia Dress and Janessa Leoné Hat
Beach Cover and Bikini
Cult Gaia Top and Proenza Schouler Birks

And a few captures from this past weekend when we stayed at my friend Sarah’s vineyard, Bricoleur! It’s such a magical property. And it’s finally open to the public (by appointment). I highly recommend visiting and doing their Sip & Savor food and wine pairing… it was insanely delicious.

They are also doing fun Saturday dinners (and other events—open to the public!), so we got to experience that while we were visiting. For those curious, they have a charming little house on property called The Milk Barn where Matt and I stayed. It’s available to rent for members and it’s the cutest.

Friday night we hung out on the deck and had wine and dinner—their chef made us pizzas to heat up and Sarah whipped up an heirloom tomato salad (straight from the garden!). Saturday we went into Healdsburg to peruse the Healdsburg Farmer’s Market (so good) and got breakfast at Costeaux’s. We got back to the property and had the most fun pool day until we had to get ready for dinner.

Dinner that evening had a Julie Child inspired menu since it was her birthday! So as you can imagine it was pretty special. Every time we go there our tastebuds are beyond spoiled… hence why this little visual diary is 95% what we ate and drank haha! I saved some fun memories to my wine country highlight on Instagram, too…

Hope you’re doing well! xx

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  1. Wow, this post was beautiful! It made me realize how much I miss blog posts with lots of photos, as well as camera photos. As much as I love Instagram and iphone photos, this was a really lovely post that felt partly nostalgic while also being a breath of fresh air! I’m so glad you guys were able to get away. I can imagine this time is very different in a one-bedroom in the city. We weren’t able to travel anywhere this summer, but we do have a house and a yard midwest has its perks and drawbacks) so have had a bit more room to stretch our legs perhaps.

    1. Just realized I forgot to respond! Thanks so much for the note, Jacy! Appreciate you stopping by and reading. 🙂 Happy to hear this post felt nostalgic… was a fun one to recap! Excited for more of this sunshine next week over Labor Day. Hope you have a lovely long weekend! x

  2. I agree! So nice to see your photos shot on a real camera. What type of camera do you use? Also, where are you plaid pants from in the food photo- they look awesome!

    1. Hi! Thanks for saying hello. The plaid is actually an old Ganni dress!

      My photos here are a mix of iPhone and my Canon 5D Mark IV


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