My Week in Pictures 1.17.22

When I was younger, this was my happy escape. I loved making vision boards and recently, I was skimming back through bookmarks I made in The Artist’s Way and it made me crave sitting down and doing this one afternoon this week. Highly recommend the book, by the way, it’s a favorite!

Matt and I love to switch up our neighborhood walks and this one I completely had forgotten about! We discovered it when I was pregnant and dubbed it the Tahoe walk because of the hilly stretch covered with the biggest pine trees and just such lush and verdant views every turn you take. This was a great reminder to not allow myself to fall into any kind of default routine. Those autopilot-like rituals. Like our neighborhood loop, which is lovely, but mixing things up are so good for the soul! It allows for you to truly take in a scenery with open eyes, change perspective, and simply feel appreciative of the natural beauty surrounding you.

Live for great textiles and charming home details. Easy ways to inject your own personal touch and bring you so much joy! Leftovers from my stocking project given new life.

Look at those teeth!

I love poppies so much. How they are tucked inside little green petals and serve as almost a wild card surprise of the colors that will pop through once they are ready. Just a little bit of sun and then this magic happens…

My new favorite photography subject. So, you get it — but she’s been sick with her first cold basically since we got home from our NYE trip and so the last 3 weeks have been a whirlwind. One thing that I have been thinking about this week as she’s come back to life as her very happy self… is how much she has changed during this little rough patch we just went through! She couldn’t sit up this week leading up to NYE and all of a sudden I swear, I look at her and I’m like wait you’re huge! When did this happen?

They TRULY do grow weirdly fast and it hits you in little stints. Like when Matt is holding her and she just looks so much longer than she did a week before! Trippy trippy.

I’ve been hitting the hay each day this week around 8 and will do some breath-work (love the app!) and/or read and I cannot tell you how incredible I feel after doing this since Monday night. Matt recently kicked off his busy season, which is usually a time of year for me where I really buckle down on all things healthy/self-love rituals at home. In normal times, he’s typically in the office from like 6am until very late at night, but it’s so nice having him home so we can spend pockets of time together as a family during the week and then he goes off to work after dinner and I can have some quiet time when the baby goes to sleep…

It’s been lovely!


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