Name to Know: Lucy Folk, A Dreamy Jewelry Label

Before I dive into the magical world that is Lucy Folk, I want to share a quick update with you! I have been thinking a lot about what kind of content I want to spend more time on. I’ve always loved the fact that a lifestyle blog allows me to write about really anything my heart desires, so it’s nice to refocus each month and hone in on the things that are truly inspiring me at the moment, even if that means changing things up every so often.

One thing that I’ve always loved, is sharing incredibly cool and unique brands. From emerging designers to established labels– highlighting companies that completely captivate me is something I really love sharing on this platform. You are going to be seeing these posts more often because it’s something that ignites my soul to discover and share. I’m passionate about cultivating a closet and home that feels unique and personal. These “Name to Know” brands are the kinds who set themselves apart and who will add a bit of sparkle to your personal style.

So, let’s talk about my favorite Australian jewelry designer. Lucy Folk is certainly not a new name around the web, but a collection I’ve been following for a long time now. I’ve always been a fan of her unique taste, but as of lately I have felt a deeper connection to her collections than ever before. I just can’t get enough of her charming designs–they truly are wearable pieces of art. Something you’d want to slip on every day, that instantly makes you feel like a million bucks.

Lucy has a few stunning retail shops peppered throughout Australia (designed by Tamsin Johnson who I highlighted in this post awhile back!) and 44 stockists worldwide (like NET-A-PORTER, Farfetch, and Shopbop). I just listened to The Design Files’ podcast interviewing Lucy recently in case you want to get to know her a bit more!

From shimmering statement earrings to beaded clutches, there are endless gems to save your pennies for. I just ordered this clutch… I couldn’t resist. And a pair of earrings is up next on my list…

Lucy Folk Favorites–



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