Weekend Moments 1.22.19

It was the first weekend in a long time without an agenda and it was *divine.

The silver lining to rain (besides California needs it) is that it allows us to be couch potatoes with precisely zero guilt. At long last, we reunited with our Friday tradition of pizza and a bottle of vino and watched the most recent episode of Blacklist… such a good one, might I add.

Since we got back last week, I have been trying new healthy recipes and getting back into pilates and morning runs. Such a good feeling to nourish, reset, and detox a little bit to balance back to feeling 100%. My smoothies have been giving me life lately, too (top 3 favorite recipes coming soon), along with my weekday routine. Back to the grind and it feels really good.

I am not sure exactly what is going on but this past week since we got back, I’ve been sleeping like a rock. We slept in both days this weekend, too, which is uncommon for me. I usually rise and shine daily at 6:30/7 like clockwork. I’ve been getting about 10 or so hours of sleep… so needless to say, feeling quite fresh. I think it could be said health kick, and I do still drink Nature’s Calm before bed. I am just happy to ease back into work and reality well-rested.

We tried Chrissy Teigan’s Spice Rub Parmesan Chicken and it was delicious. So easy and basic, a staple we will keep in our meal repertoire for sure. I also mentioned how I’m addicted to crisping broccoli in a pan with olive oil and sea salt paired with homemade pasta sauce. I’m going to share my recipe in stories today! It’s a cinch.

Yesterday on MLK day, I spent the afternoon on Sacramento Street with a girlfriend. We caught up over juice at As Quoted and then hit up a handful of my favorite shops in the area. St. Frank (just had a store redesign and it looks stunning, per always), Anyon, Hudson Grace, Anthem, Fleurt, and March. One of the most enjoyable streets to walk and explore with coffee on a sunny day. I left feeling so inspired.

Hope you had a nice long weekend as well! x

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