Be the warmth you wish to see in the world…

That is going to be my mantra this season. I am going to make an effort to inject as much positive energy and warmth into my life and into the life of others. The world could use it right now! Let’s all go into the coldest season with nothing but smiles and good vibes.

This summer was so busy and chaotic, that when people started talking about fall and fresh starts, I felt like I wasn’t quite there yet. I’ve been playing catch up and waiting patiently for the mood to strike, and I feel like I finally am ready to embrace this season. I am even cleaning out closets and organizing a bit, so I can take the rest of the year to focus on the most important things. I talked a little bit about my health reboot this past week, too, which has totally refreshed me in many ways. On a very big cleansing roll right now and ready to dominate the remainder of 2018! And I’m so happy to welcome November…

This month I’m looking forward to…

much need family (and turkey) time!
Arizona sunshine and wine on the patio
friendsgiving with girlfriends next week
getting use out of my new sweaters… finally
heading to scribe for (most likely) our last visit of the year
darker evenings with festive candles
getting ready to decorate for the holidays
gift shopping for Christmas
and wearing as many sequins as possible (I am on a big sequin kick…)

thoughts, ideas, questions...

yes! I might have to borrow your motto. This is my favorite time of year because I love all the winter preparation…slowing down, cozying in, filling up on gratitude. Happy November!

Right? I feel like it’s the warmest vibe season, going into it and planning and then all of the celebrations. I do feel like right after the holidays it starts to feel a little much, so I am going to try and push through and enjoy all of winter this year! Happy November, friend! x