On my desk

Santa came early and delivered my one and only Christmas wish—I got a Mac desktop, and I love it! I had wanted one for years, but it didn’t make sense in our smaller San Francisco apartment. This year, I decided it was time. I can’t lie, I had a tiny fear that I would end up using my laptop more—didn’t want this to be the case with making a larger investment! But I have to say, I picked up on the whole mouse/keyboard thing quite quickly. And I swear, it has made me more organized and productive! Also, better posture doesn’t hurt either. I have been loving coming into the office early and getting to work.

Since you’ve seen lots of snippets of my workspace, I wanted to make note of some of the things I utilize each day. I was laughing at a readers comment when I shared my pen replenishment “I use to be such a back to school hoe”. I completely relate to this and LIVED for that shopping trip for fresh notepads, folders, pens! The best. I have always been the girl to have 12 journals and notebooks, and I tend to continue to gravitate to the simple classics.

On my desk

Round leather mouse pad
Weekly tear off agenda
G2 pens 4 life
Gelly Rolls (this and this set)
Pen holder (AshleyK15)
My go-to notebooks
Silver FiloFax
Shell dish / Palo Santo
Shell stamp (because many asked!)
similar coasters
wavy waste basket

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