Picnic Season is Here!

We took Grace on her first picnic this week, my favorite warm-weather pastime! It is just unexplainably wonderful being able to have her take part in rituals that have always lit me up. Lately it feels like we are experiencing so many firsts with her and it’s just been so fun to see her light up, too! 9 months really is so special. Her little hugs, her giggles, and overall excitement and curiosity towards life feeds my spirit. And I am happy to report,  she loves picnicking just like her mama.

I was so excited to work with Garnet Hill as they have such an incredible quilt selection! A really great blanket takes picnics to the next level. My trick is to buy them in size twin or queen. A few favorites from their shop at the moment if you keep scrolling… x

The Shelburne Quilt

We pass this gorgeous meadow on a neighborhood walk all the time and thought it would be such a magical backdrop for a blanket hang! Always scouting good backdrops for these kinds of outings. We may not be in Sanya Ynez anymore—but it felt like it this afternoon!

The Agnes Quilt (also love it in the natural color)

Being on the grass makes me so happy. It’s such a simple pleasure in life! Roll out a pretty blanket and immerse yourself in inspiration. A gripping book, clipping magazines for a vision board, bookmarking a recipe book…

The Dream Quilt

And of course, just moments of quiet time under the sun… I live for these kinds of rituals!

Cheers to all the picnics this season! x

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