Our Weekend at Jenni Kayne Ranch

As a quick catch up and some context before we dive in! You probably know by now that I am a Jenni Kayne ambassador. I don’t take on these kinds of titles often, but I have always felt a connection to her brand. I also know that so many of my readers adore JK as well, so it’s been such a natural and lovely fit for me.

In December, ambassadors got an email from the JK team saying they were going to hold a competition—whoever had the highest sales that month would win a getaways to Santa Ynez. To be honest—I saw the email and did not think I would win. So when the announcement came out, I was shaking with excitement (and a bit of shock). I have never won anything in my life! I know it’s because you guys are so supportive and loyal and quite frankly… love to shop!

This meant the world to me—and beyond being able to go on this trip, it also felt like the best feedback ever! Working for myself, I don’t have these kinds of check-ins/performance reviews, etc… this felt like such a rewarding moment, a reminder to feel proud of my work and the community I have cultivated. So cheers to you—forever grateful for the ways in which you cheer me on/encourage me to keep doing what I love. Okay now let’s get to the good stuff!

It’s the best when you travel somewhere new and you already know it’s going to be so beautiful… but you arrive and it blows your mind! Like… beyond any photo could capture.That’s how I feel about Jenni Kayne Ranch. And on top of the level of beauty, the way being there makes you feel is just something so incredibly special and rare. We truly savored and appreciated every moment.

We would have never left if we didn’t have to! Such a breathtakingly beautiful time. Thank you very much for your hospitality, Jenni and team. Every bit was magic… some snaps from our stay. xx

Pure heaven.

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