Places to go: a dreamy Healdsburg Villa

Last week, our family took a little trip up to Healdsburg to stay at the Reeve Winery Villa. It was one of those experiences, where you see photos and know it will be lovely—but expectations are completely blown away. You can see beauty through imagery, but being there is another level. The feeling that takes over is what creates this magical effect. Total awe-struck.

I loved the fog that rolled in, it made the villa view from the top of the hill feel that much more majestic. I've been craving fall weather, so it was warmly welcomed from me. The house is incredible—so much original detail I was marveling over. So grand and regal. In case you are interested in visiting, here is where you can book! If you mention my name while inquiring (and if you book your trip by Dec 1) you will get a little discount.

We had tried their wines before (we were longtime fans of Banshee, the Reeve owners first project back in the day) but had not been to the winery to taste! It is truly something special. It reminds me a lot of Scribe—design-forward, stunning surroundings, great music playing in the background (and live music often!), delicious bites, and just really down-to-earth atmosphere and company. Can't say enough good things, next time you are in the area, don't miss it!

Some photos from our time spent up there. Hope to go back soon! x

The epic entrance to the villa... you know I love me a Gatsby moment.

Breathtaking view—can only imagine what a summer pool day must be like here! Was enchanted by the whimsy autumnal vibes while we were here, though...

You always hear how kids don't remember trips, etc. so I have always had in the back of my mind how they might not really appreciate them as much while they're young. But Grace is absolutely amazed when we take her new places. She notices details that I miss—and is just so happy, explorative, and excited to be somewhere new. It's one of my favorite parts about family trips these days, watching her take it all in. I love vacation Grace.

Obsessed with original doors paired with the wall to wall sisal carpet they added to the bedrooms. So stunning.

From our family tasting at Reeve <3

Matt and I plan to retire in Healdsburg (or St Helena, we have time to iron out!) — absolutely love this area and always recommend staying near the square when people ask me about where they should go! Updating my Healdsburg guide this week, will let you know when it's back to life!

Matt and I got to escape (thanks to our in-laws who stayed with us at the villa) to our wine club, Papapietro Perry. It's literally right next door to Reeve! Some of the best pinot out there.

And at dinner date night at Molti Amici! We haven't been here since it was Campo, definitely more my launguage 🙂 Loved it!

And I can never go to Healdsburg without popping by Oakville Grocery at some point, the best. I didn't buy the hat this trip... just gotta rep while I am in the area. G loved the mini pumpkin patch moment!

Feel free to email or DM me anytime if you need recs for wine country. This is a favorite convo topic! xx

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