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A series that celebrates a few things on my radar... and why—

I feel like the end of summer has been such a whirlwind! While I know this time of year tends to speed up even faster with the madness of holidays, I am going to try my best to go at a pace that feels steady, where I can move through life with intention rather than rushing. Not overfilling my plate, and just being extra gentle with myself as we continue on living in a bit of chaos over here!

Some things sparking joy as of late...

Liis 'Studied' Perfume. I can be a bit of a creature of habit when I like things, but it's also in my nature to crave change. Recently, I felt an urge to switch things up with scents. Gotta keep expanding our horizons! I saw this beautiful brand on Pinterest and decided to order their discovery set. I ended up loving most of them honestly, but the most captivating to me were Studied and Floating. I ended up favoring Studied, and I am absolutely obsessed. It's subtly sweet—definitely pick up the pear notes... it's just really different than anything I've tried and I love it. Floating is also incredible, I might grab that one in the future.

Dorsey Necklace. I am in my jewelry stacking era. I feel like as I get older, the more and more I rely on the basics (jeans and tees) more than anything else. So my approach to injecting charm and personality, is through accessories and layers. I have mentioned this before, but I wasn't much of a jewelry girl growing up (bags, diff story) but ever since getting engaged, I had a new appreciation for special jewelry and have been collecting pieces slowly but surely since. I love the tennis necklace combined with my dainty chains. I've been enjoying styling it layered behind knitwear, it makes for such a sweet little pop of joy....

P.s. I was stalking Meg, the founder of Dorsey's IG and loved reading this post about her grandmother, Dorsey. Sounds straight out of a movie. As you may suspect, I hope to be someone's Dorsey someday...

(Also wearing an old Tiffany's necklace and this knit, it's on sale!)

Sunflowers and orange accents. I'm not really going too deep into fall decor this year with half our home under construction, but Matt grabbed these big beautiful sunflowers from the store this weekend and they are doing it for me! I put them in my orange murano pitcher and feel like they add such a sweet autumnal vibe to our home. Giving me lots of ideas for next year when our house is done! Injecting fall doesn't have to look the same for all. I like including golden, orange, yellow, chartreuse, hues by way of candlesticks, glass vases, linens etc. to bring that warm vibe to the table.

The art hunt. I am constantly thinking about every inch of our space right now and how I want to keep chipping away at all projects so that when our reno is done, it all feels fresh and inspiring. I bought a few vintage art pieces this year and I've been on another art hunt lately which is so fun. I've been super slow at bringing rooms to life as I wanted to get the foundation just right before collecting things for the walls. Mirrors have always been my very favorite art form, but excited to add some color, texture, and charm as I continue this hobby of collecting artwork that inspires me.

Jamie Haller shoes. There is a reason her name keeps popping up everywhere, her shoes are so beautiful and comfy. I have 3 pairs now... I am excessive when I love things. So whenever you notice I have something in multiples, you know it is not to miss!

Until next time xo

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