The Art of Living: Holiday Mode at Home

Wearing Janessa Leoné hat
Old Maurie and Eve dress
Maysia Swimsuit
Celine Bag

No matter your abode, there are so many fun ways to evoke holiday vibes at home…

I truly believe that you can make the most of the utmost mundane in everyday life and elevate rituals if you approach them thoughtfully and inject things that bring you instant joy. This time of year, there is a magical energy in the air—everyone breathing a sigh of relief while welcoming warmth on their skin and those feel-good sunshine vibes. The satisfying sound of a lawnmower, smell of fresh cut grass and coconut SPF, warm breeze are little luxuries in themselves. So, why not take matters even further and create a vibe that transports us to far-flung favorite destinations? A few things to activate a vacation state of mind…

Turn on the good tunes

I just started working on my summer ’21 playlist, so will share it here early in case you’re interested! Music on in the background, especially these kinds of vibes, okay—and country, always a great dose of escapism and makes me feel like I am on a waterside holiday.

Slip into your resort pieces

I have been living in these things the last couple of weeks since the weather has turned things up a notch! Swimwear that makes you feel great, a woven hat, favorite sunnies, and a coverup of some kind. Over the years, I have found that my favorite coverups are my simple linen dresses unbuttoned. I have so many of these styles already hanging in my closet (that I usually wear buttoned up obviously) but especially with the bump, these have been ideal just to drape over and wear open and flowy over a suit! A few I love—

Collect a few fun warm-weather accessories

I love these new chairs in from The Inside (in the color ink stripe! Also great for those who live in the city… easy to store and carry up to your rooftop or a local park). Their team passed along a code that covers $50 off your order of $199 or more ~ ashleykane50.

I also rely heavily on our rattan chairs from Serena & Lily. One other thing to note that I haven’t shared quite yet—obsessed with French mattress rolls, I just got this one from Birdie Fortescue!

Surround yourself with natural beauty

Our plant collection completely transformed our outdoor spaces. Just a real VIBE and puts me in the happiest mood.

Crack open a refreshing beverage in pretty glassware

Whether it be a sparkling limonata over ice, a crisp glass of rosé, or a spritz… enjoying something refreshing in a pretty glass (loving my outdoor pieces from Kartell) in the sunshine is just so fun.

Enjoy lunch alfresco

Matt and I love to make plates that we gravitate to while in Europe… like homemade bruschetta, caprese salad, and olives to share… so easy and enjoyable.

So excited for more of all this to come this season! xx

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