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Hi—happy May! I hope beautiful weather has made its way to you, wherever you are…

I really love putting these posts together every month—they bring a lot of joy and it’s such a nice way to share plans and updates… hope you enjoy them as much as I do! As I mentioned in March, the countdown has been on and each month had a bit of a theme for us. We are closely approaching a month out from our due date which feels so surreal and simply nuts. I can’t believe it! My goal was to have most admin things and house stuff wrapped up so that the final countdown could be dedicated to quality time together. Slowing down with less on our plate and just relaxing and resting before baby girl makes her way to us. We have a few more things to do, but other than that we have kept on track. Such a nice feeling!

May Agenda

So as you may have guessed, we don’t have a whole lot on the agenda these next few weeks. Lots of sunshine, books, meals al fresco, backyard hangs, self-care rituals, and filling my cup with all the little things that inspire and bring contentment. It’s my last month of work before I take a little time off, so I have some posts to get up and a few last projects but not too much on my plate as I ease into my new role. A few things I would like to do this month:

daily walks and stretches
pilates and yoga
farmer’s market trips
coffee or tea with a book in the garden
collect a few more plants for the patio
get a few big blog posts up (home tour)
plan a few fun date nights
spring dinner party with friends in the backyard
prep/freeze meals
make a new summer playlist

Inspired By

The light this time of year is just pure magic. The way our home lights up from morning to night in each room is so inspiring to me. It gives me life! All the trees and flowers in bloom, it’s been incredible to see our neighborhood and new town in general come to life. The smell of fresh cut grass always gets me, too. Having the windows open during the day also fills my cup like nothing else! Birds chirping and a breeze is a very happy feeling.

I’ve been so drawn to the nursery lately. I love how it has come together and is finally done! Whenever I am feeling a little off (3rd trimester discomforts), I find that when I go in there and sit in the rocking chair, it all just melts away and really puts things into perspective. Her room is also just so calm and cheerful, it’s so lovely to spend time in.

Also, knowing that this is the last month of my life pre-kids… is crazy! I am so looking forward to the new phase of life ahead of me…


Things of Note as of Late



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  1. i just saw something that suggested making a ‘joy’ list as well as a ‘to do’ list…your list above reminds me of that and affirms i need to do the same!! looking forward to witnessing your life bloom and evolve in the most miraculous way. couldn’t be happier for you and your lil’ family. xx

    1. Yes!!! I call it an “uplift list”… I will often put them together as a reminder of little things that elevate the mood! Such a fun thing to put together! xx

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