The Muse: Le Shoppe, A Treasure Trove of Vintage

My love of vintage hunting is well documented at this point…

And since I share quite a bit of my vision and process, I had to share this gem find with you! A while back I fortuitously stumbled upon Le Shoppe on Etsy (they are also on 1stDibs and eBay) a vintage consignment and auction house, which has become a fave. They have an incredibly discerning palette when it comes to collecting mid-century treasures, I’m always looking to their shops for special investments to collect. This acrylic umbrella stand is on my list… cutest.

My love of glassware, in particular, struck a couple of years back, and as I’ve slowly built a collection of pieces I adore, I’ve learned a lot along the way. I’ve discovered a small list of European designers who I admire and can now recognize in a sea of online vintage shops. A very favorite is Ercole Barovier, maker of my beautiful rostrato vase that I found on Le Shoppe! Ercole invented the rostrato (spikey) glass technique, which became his signature… and a total obsession on my end.

“Through the years of snooping around Manhattan, I’ve seen lots of glass. You don’t always know why you like something, but after the editing process, it always turns out that the pieces I choose have the name Barovier on them. They’re a little more exquisite; they show a little more mastery of the craft.” —via this Archi Digest article

While spending lots of time on this hobby of mine, I’ve learned quite a lot. I continue to gravitate to a few names in particular and it’s made vintage shopping that much more enjoyable and honestly a lot easier to find that needle in the haystack. Having a few go-to antique/vintage shops is key, too. A place you can learn from and trust for the good stuff…

Love Le Shoppe and was excited to share the wealth. Here are some of my favorites from their current selection…

There’s more where that came from… I will be sure to update this post with more fun finds with time… x


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