The Picnic Checklist

Ideal weekends lately have entailed sunshine picnics, bubbly wine, backgammon, and little else.

Between pizza Friday and picnic Saturdays, it feels as if we’re celebrating summer the European way… well, as best we possibly can. Slow, relaxing, and indulgent.

Since it’s my favorite summer activity (besides boating… if you have a boat, I am avail anytime!), we have mastered the in-tow essentials. Before every picnic excursion, we spend a few minutes packing up and running through our checklist, so I thought I would make note of what we bring along here…

Picnic blankets

We always bring a few to layer and spread out. A couple of favorites include an older one from Paradise People, love their selection! And I recently decided to buy this floral comforter (in the full size) after seeing a photo of the dreamiest scene: a garden bench equipped with a fluffy comforter, coffee, and book. It was a REAL vibe, so I needed to make it a reality for myself. The blanket arrives today so will share more with you soon! Matt and I planned a fun mid-week date which and we’ll be bringing it along with us.


Last year we saw someone at the park with this tent, and we ordered it on the spot from Amazon. It’s SO easy to assemble vice versa and is such a summer staple for us now.

Sunday Supply Co.

We got this sun umbrella last year, great for non-windy SF days (and when we don’t bring the tent), and I pre-ordered these chairs! Absolutely love this brand.


We always bring along a speaker, and love our beats pill!


We love our corkcicles (we have 2), they are a must for picnics. We even bring them with us on trips (brought it to Hawaii so we could bring rosé to the beach! It keeps the vino nice and crisp/cool!


Most of the time we will pack or pick up snacks/sandwiches to go, so this guy is super helpful to keep everything fresh. Also great to keep your water cold as well!


We are utterly and completely on the YETI train. Fave!! I love this water bottle so much—that always comes along too.


Books, cards, backgammon… something fun to enjoy if Scout allows it!

Don’t forget the little things

Sunscreen, napkins, hand sanitizer, wine opener, cups for wine, cutlery if necessary, bag for trash…

And we have totes and more straw things (always accompanying me on picnics) coming later this week on a summer essentials post! x


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