The warm embrace of home

Since I can remember, my surroundings have made a massive impact on me. At an early age, I remember going over to a friend's house and being mesmerized by the way her house made me feel. Her mom was an interior designer I learned—that day brought me closer to myself. I couldn't believe how each room made me feel so energized and embraced. It was the most comforting feeling! The beginning of a lifelong love of interior design experimentation and creating a dream world for myself.

My whole life I have chased my desire of home-comfort. And have loved learning what aspects and elements speak the most to me. I love warm, dim light. Beautiful fabrics. Grounding natural elements. Antiques with soul. A feast for all the senses. A home is more rich with wonder when it truly makes you feel something when stepping inside.

Come fall—mood-setting is by far the most fun! The golden light teamed with lamps on, candles burning, and lots of textiles to layer. To me, these spaces above evoke exactly what I aim for. Soulful, warm, and enchanting.

Loving colorful candlesticks lately! I have been collecting a few lovely hues (links here and here).... they infuse so much charm and joy into your space. The 3 ingredients that have always been part of my process and the most approachable way to bring the VIBE... is warm lightbulbs (on low), a great candle collection, and flowers. The makings of a happy scene.

"The objects we surround ourselves with can be not only timeless and long-lasting but quietly uplifting—and can change the course of our days."


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