Wedding Mood

Wedding planning has been so fun so far! We have a full year ahead before the big day, so we’re taking things one step at a time. Aiming for May or June (basically looking at all weekends in those two months except for MDW and the following). We have one proposal so far from a venue we really like for June but have one more we want to see before making moves. I’m not sure how venue hunting usually goes, but it’s been pretty breezy thus far. We fell in love with the first venue but obviously wanted to weigh out some options. I definitely had a vision of what I hope the setting would be like, so I think that’s helped a lot. I don’t want to give away too much, but I thought I would share a few details we’re excited about.


I talked about our vision for the venue and why in this post when we got engaged, but I have always wanted a backyard/garden wedding. In either wine country or lakeside in North Tahoe, but we’re leaning more towards wine country now. I also am super-influenced by European architecture and decor… the two venues at the top of our list feel very French countryside backyard.

Bridal Style

I want my dress to be sleek, but uniquely detailed in a couple of areas. Elegant but casual. I’ve heard that wedding dress shopping is the wild card decision of the whole wedding process. You just have no idea until you try things on, so we shall see. Also, I need this dress for something


{ scent } One of my favorite details so far… we are going to have a Jo Malone scented wedding! A combination of two scents (still deciding on this) in the form of candles throughout the venue and soaps and lotions in the washrooms. Scents have a special way of vividly pulling you back into memories, and I am so excited that whichever scents we choose will always remind me of this day. Such a magical touch. I actually asked my bridesmaids to be apart of our wedding day with a little Jo Malone gift as well!

{ garden party } For the rehearsal dinner, I think it would be so fun to have a garden party theme. Floral dresses (encouraged), candelabras throughout with ivory candlesticks, big floral arrangements, and lots of greenery. Obsessed with the idea of this setting (and the photos that would come out of it).

{ little details } I’m planning on incorporating some of the things we love and collect throughout our wedding weekend. Hoping we can integrate mix-matched crystal glassware for cocktails at some point (maybe the garden dinner party). Customized matchbooks and a few other small touches I have up my sleeve.


Italian food is our love language, so the honeymoon location has been decided! I am so excited!!

That’s all I got for now! x

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