My Week in Pictures 7.19.19

This weekend was ideal–– perfectly packed with fun plans and relaxing in-between. We stayed in on Friday (as we do) and ordered pizza and opened a nice wine club bottle. We recently joined Cuvaison and they are quickly becoming our favorite pinots around. Honestly, all of their wines are amazing… but you know we love us some pinot! We watched the movie Hell or High Water, which was fantastic–– one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. A must see!

Saturday morning we eased into our day slowly via bed with coffee and juices and eventually made our way over to Lands End for a family hike. It was a little foggy, but the cool air felt refreshing while burning off the pizza from the night before. This hike is my favorite, about 4 miles, super easy with such beautiful views.

After our hike, we popped by MARCH on Sacramento Street to pick up a few wedding registry gifts. We got this beautiful onyx pedestal tray and these votive candle holders. If you’re engaged, they have a registry so definitely check them out! They have the most stunning selection… everything is like a little piece of art. I am going to do a registry roundup post soon, so stay tuned.

We got back to our apartment and made lunch, tidied up a bit, relaxed, and then got ready for our dinner reservation at Kokkari. I hadn’t been in so long––so damn delicious! We had the best evening and then went back home to watch Handmaid’s Tale with some vino. I am fully addicted to the show now and look forward to it every weekend… so so good.

On Sunday we woke up to shoot for a project I have (which was so fun!) and we discovered that someone brought up a wooden table and bench set to our roof! Not only am I excited in general (because, genius!!!)––but it was beyond fortuitous for the content we wanted to capture. Matt shot that top featured image of me sipping wine (how proud of him are we?), can’t wait to show you more soon! After the successful rooftop sesh, we walked down the street to have brunch at Rose’s. Afterward, we ran a few errands, got some laundry done, made a healthy dinner, and watched Big Little Lies… the ending, omg.

I have this routine where I start cleaning and getting everything tidy on Thursday and Friday so that the weekend is chore-free. Sometimes I will even order groceries on Friday night so that we have healthy stuff all weekend to snack on and we’ll go to the farmer’s market Sunday to get anything else needed for dinners the next few days. I’ve been loving this ritual, it really helps me ease into Monday morning much more calm and collected.

I love summer weekends like this. Balancing play and productivity, relaxing and being active. I hope you had a lovely weekend as well! x

Wearing Zara Sunglasses
Theory Silk Top (on sale)
& Other Stories Denim Shorts

Wearing COED sports bra  
APL Sneakers
Beyond Yoga Leggings
old Céline Sunglasses (Le Specs make similar)

Wearing Agolde ‘Toni’ Jeans
By Far Sandals
Reformation Top

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  1. He did such a great job with that image; it’s so, so good!

    I love your posts like these … brings me back to early blogging days which I love.

    1. I will pass on the kudos to Matt! 🙂

      I am so happy to hear this brought you back to early blog days… major compliment as it’s where I am trying to get back to. I really appreciate that and how kind and supportive you have been for so many years now!

      Thank you, Faith xx

  2. Actually sounds like the most perfect, ideal weekend! Isn’t funny how our definition of great weekends has changed from early 20s to 30s? I’m quite embracing these relaxed, no bars/partying weekends. Hope your week is off to a great start!

    1. Haha! It’s so true, I think about this all the time… I can’t hang at bars beyond a glass of wine happy hour at 5pm lol…

      Have a great week, Rachel! Thanks for saying hi!

  3. Matt really did nail it with that photo – it’s one of my favorites you’ve ever posted! Did you have to give him much direction or did he just have the eye?

    Sounds like such a fantastic weekend and I think I want to start taking your tip of beginning the cleaning process on the second half of the week so that the weekend can be enjoyed more fully!

    Also, when you go walking around/hiking, do you take your DSLR with you or did you take those on your iPhone?

    xo Mary-Katherine

    1. The direction was all him! We shot a bunch of this scene… usually when he goes from a lower angle I redirect hahaha but this time it was a win! So proud of him, I love how he always brings a different perspective…

      I don’t usually bring my DSLR but I did this time since I have been trying to get back into my groove and creating more.

      Thanks for saying hi! Hope you have a great week xx

  4. Love this post! So fun to see into the simple moments of your guys’ life! Beautiful photos as always!

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