The One Where We Got Married

26 July

Where do I even begin? Our wedding was, in one word, incredible.

A year of planning all boiled down to one evening––which lived up to all of our efforts… utterly and completely. I remember walking down the lawn before guests arrived in disbelief. How it turned out lightyears better than I imagined, I really don’t know, but it did.

I loved the intimacy of our small venue, all enclosed by soaring treelines. The sunshine lit up the leaves, the weather was perfect, and this setting was straight out of a dream. Our vision of a romantic-elevated-backyard-garden party came to life in the most beautiful way!

I am usually a little anxious in moments like walking down the aisle, all eyes on me… but I felt so calm. We said our own vows and it was a moment in time I will never forget. I felt so present and alive, and although the time flew by in the month that has passed, the day did not. We soaked in every single second.

At dinner, I looked around while Etta James sang ‘At Last’ with Matt’s hand in mine, and I was the happiest I’ve ever been. Surrounded by all of our favorite people… so much love in the air. The simple garden blooms peppered down the table lit up by the flickering candles. The wine and custom cocktails were a crowd-pleaser, the food–even better (heavenly, really), and just the overall spirit of the party of our lives was incredibly heartwarming. The dinner toasts brought tears to eyes, the music all night was a real vibe, and everyone was just having so much fun! It was exactly what we hoped for.

I want to share more about our day and all of my tips but couldn’t wait to share our photos with you first. Part II is coming next week, but until then… these photos do all the talking… x


Incredible is right! It was a perfect evening! Love this post & photos Xx

Thanks, Lex! Such a fun day! Let’s catch up soon xx

Absolutely stunning, I can’t wait to see more!

Thank you, Sofia! Hope you had a lovely weekend xx

Thank you so much for sharing with us!! Every detail is absolutely gorgeous and so you but what stands out in every photo is your happiness!! You can totally feel how special the day was for everyone. xx

Aw, thank you Katherine! That’s so sweet, I love it. Appreciate you saying hi! Hope you had a great weekend xx

Just incredible! Every single detail. And that dress, I love how you didn’t go traditional because that dress is so you! You were glowing and looked absolutely beautiful. Congrats again!

These gorgeous photos captured the evening perfectly! <3

Where do you get your hair highlighted? It looks incredible!